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DTC Affordable Movers Denver

Moving is one of the more stressful life events people endure. It is an event accompanied by lots of changes, some positive and some not so good – either way, the moving process should be the easy part. DTC’s affordable movers Denver is a locally owned and operated business and one of the best Denver moving companies.

We are here to support our clients through their moves and take the stress off their shoulders. We understand there are many other things to consider when relocating, and DTC Movers is changing how the business operates.

We think outside the box and bring a fresh perspective and hard-working hands to every move. We are armed with a team of professional movers capable of handling any situation and all your moving needs!

Locally Owned Professional Denver Movers

Other local companies in Denver, CO, will tell you one thing: once the movers arrive, something entirely different occurs. Our moving company is instilled with values and morals that keep us bound to our word.

As a locally owned business, our team is experienced, licensed, and reliable. We can assist with any of your residential or commercial moving requirements. DTC Movers has been a part of the moving industry for many years, and we have heard the horror stories customers have had to endure.

Our moving company aims to avoid anything less than the best service for local, interstate, and international moving services. Our moves are a smooth and seamless process. For the best “movers near me,” DTC is the obvious choice!

Cross-Country Movers Denver Service Areas

Our cross-country movers Denver service all 50 states! Here are just a few of the cities we serve in Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs, Wheat Ridge, Longmont, Aurora, Golden, Boulder, Fort Collins, Castle Rock, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood, Thornton, and more!

moving company in denver colorado

Your Go-To Movers in the Denver Metro Area

At DTC Movers, we offer a range of services for individuals, families, and companies looking to relocate with help from movers in Denver, CO. We are committed to providing exceptional moving, packing, and storage services.


Our Out of State Movers Denver Residents Love

Our moving crews and drivers are highly trained individuals, as we do not take hiring movers lightly. We only provide our customers with a team of professional movers, no matter the distance traveled.

DTC’s out-of-state movers Denver go above and beyond as we are interested in establishing and building meaningful relationships with our clients. Our crews will make the moving day seamless!

Local Moving Company in the Denver Area

Moving locally means only having to worry about your belongings being transported a short distance, but there are still so many moving pieces to the service.

We are Denver door-to-door movers with vast experience and deep knowledge of the territory.

We offer local moving services anywhere in Colorado, and we are a company that understands Denver’s cost of living. Therefore, we want to ensure your cost of moving is fair and reasonable. Our Denver movers can assist with local residential services and office moving too!

DTC's Short Distance Movers Denver

local moving company

Local moves can be just as stressful as moving across the country. We understand the dread of packing up your one-bedroom apartment in Denver, CO, and moving it to the next apartment down the street.

Our short-distance movers Denver can remove any sense of impending doom you may have and do the hard work for you! Next-door moving is not always the most exciting thing on your day off, but our local movers can handle it all for you.

Our local movers provide everything you need from start to finish and ensure your household goods arrive safely no matter how many movers it takes – even if you are just moving next door!

Long Distance Moves

If you’re moving out of state, long-distance moving companies can help you navigate all the ins and outs of the process. We are a moving company assisting with all aspects of an interstate or cross-country move.

DTC Movers provides a sense of ease when making interstate moves, and our team will walk you through the moving process every step of the way.

Moving Long Distances to a New Destination

Moving to a new place can be nerve-wracking and even scary at times. Worrying about your household goods along the way is no way to start your life in a new place.

Other Denver moving companies cannot provide the same level of long-distance moving services as DTC has offered for over a decade. We hold ourselves to a much higher set of standards and set goals to exceed expectations rather than meet the bare minimum.

International Moving Services

Moving to another country is a significant decision. You must decide which belongings to take, get rid of, or store. DTC Movers are cross-country movers, also offering international relocation assistance.

We can handle packing, moving your belongings internationally, storage solutions, and unpacking, as required.

Our International Moving Services

International moves are a part of the services offered at DTC Movers, and we intend to make any move out of Denver a comprehensive process. International moving services require much more care and precision as the move is lengthier and the distance traveled is longer – there are more boundaries you have to cross.

Our movers assist with the transportation, and our customer service representatives will stay in touch to provide updates throughout the move overseas!

Packing Services

Our moving company wants to ensure the security of your belongings, and our packing services offered are a major piece of the puzzle. We aim to provide superior packing solutions:

Moving Supplies & Packing Materials

Materials are a part of the safety equation for your belongings. We offer the following packing materials:

Storage Unit Options

Things do not always go as planned in moving, and storage can be required when things do not go according to plan. We offer secure storage solutions for every customer and can provide those options for as long as needed. Our storage facility is:

Storage Solutions in Colorado

We Offer Storage Solutions

We offer different storage options depending on your moving situation and what is required:

We Aren't Like Other Denver Moving Companies

Moving involves planning, packing, transportation, and unpacking. There are plenty of moving companies in Denver, Colorado, but you won’t find many that offer a white glove service.

With our white glove moving services, we handle all your packing, moving, and unpacking for you! Our Denver movers aim to provide the best service possible, which means – we treat all of our clients like VIPS!

We are a Professional Moving Company in Denver, CO

DTC Movers doesn’t solely provide residential moving; we want to supply the full range of services for everyone in Denver, Colorado.

Professional movers, office staff, and dispatch team offer the services offered. We can even provide cleaning services if necessary. We offer the following options:

Planning Your Move & Hiring Movers

Moving is a lot of work; there is no way around that. It requires much planning, and hiring a mover in Denver, Colorado, seems to be a tedious task. As a moving company that is Denver based, we assist our clients with planning their moves. This covers:

Finding great moving services can be difficult – with DTC Movers, it is simple!

fmcsa bbb moving companies

Utilize the Better Business Bureau, DOT & FMCSA

When looking for a moving company in Denver, it is best to utilize the resources available. There is a multitude of options that can support you in your search:

  • DOT – the Department of Transportation allows consumers to complete a search on any company’s DOT number to ensure they are in compliance and licensed to travel the interstate before booking your move!
  • FMCSA – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a great tool to see if the business has any marks on their record or legal complaints against them before signing any moving documents.
  • BBB – the Better Business Bureau’s website allows all consumers to search any business and provides company history and customer reviews. Those components are compiled for a rating of the company.

Do Your Research to Find Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Completing your research allows you to gain peace of mind and a better understanding of the moving industry as a whole.

It is easy to look up reviews for moving companies in Denver, but double-check the references!

Fully Licensed Movers in Denver, CO

Our moving company likes to keep things stress-free! We aim to cover all the bases in Denver as a fully licensed moving business. We are in compliance with all FMCSA & DOT guidelines.

Our sales & customer service team supplies our clients with all the preparation needed before the move date to ensure a successful moving process. We are always available to answer any further questions!

Free Estimate in Denver, Colorado

It is our goal to be the top choice for high-quality, affordable movers. We offer a free moving estimate to help you budget for your relocation. We can complete an in-home visit, zoom/video call, or comprise an estimate over the phone.

Your estimate acts as guidelines for the move and is our first chance to review all the services we offer and can provide for your move.

This interactive experience allows the customer to choose what they need for the move and arms them with an understanding of how the moving process works.


free moving estimate

Customer Service & Sales Team

Our sales representatives provide all the necessary assistance when developing your moving estimate. That quote is entirely free to access, and so is our customer service team!

We have an excellent customer service team available to assist with any questions, and they provide updates throughout the move. Our office staff is a family, and we want to support our clients throughout their moving journey!

no hidden moving fees

No Hidden Fees

Our moving services do not come with any hidden fees attached! Any additional services required for a move are reviewed upon booking with the sales representative.

At that time, they will also review any additional fees that could be incurred. If any of those are expected for your move, we want to ensure our customers are informed so they can prepare and budget accordingly. We would never blindside our customers. We all work together for a great moving experience.

We Aim to Save Money for Our Customers

Denver has gotten incredibly pricey regarding the cost of living and basic needs. As a company homegrown in Denver, we understand how difficult that can make things when you are planning for a move.

DTC offers fair and reasonable pricing on all our moves. Charges are reviewed with the clients before booking. We want to ensure we work with our customers’ budgets while providing all their moving needs!

Careful Movers with Great Customer Service

DTC Movers is among the best moving companies in Denver. Denver movers need to have certain qualities and qualifications. That is why we exude a sense of professionalism and attention to detail.

The small things really do matter, and every member of the DTC family is there to help you with any matter that may arise during your move.

We treat your belongings like we would want our own to be treated and approach every move carefully, as safety is of the utmost importance. You can count on DTC Movers – voted one of the best moving companies in Denver and continuing our legacy, one move at a time.

best value movers

Experienced Movers for a Great Value!

Our Denver team is well-seasoned, and we have seen almost everything there is to see regarding local, cross-country, and international moves. Through those experiences, we have gained valuable knowledge and lessons in moving, and the more we work, the more we learn!

Our movers in Denver are well-trained and understand the importance of quality work. They do the heavy lifting and value what that has provided our customers.

We are a company based on family values, and we are grateful to have the ability to work together amongst our friends and neighbors in Colorado.

What Our Customers Are Saying​

A company’s reputation means a lot in Denver, especially for local and interstate moving companies. Quality service and reliable work is what DTC aims to provide, and our customers seem to be incredibly happy with that.

Superior Moving Company in Denver, CO

AT DTC Movers, we are proud to say that we have a growing clientele with many repeat clients. Our new customers hear about us from their network, while others may search online – regardless of how you found us, we are happy you are here! We have been described as “amazing movers,” “smooth movers,” and one of the “best moving companies” in Denver.

If you want one of the most reputable national moving companies, contact us for your free quote today!

You can reach us by calling (720) 370-2707; we look forward to hearing from you!

Our Customer Reviews

Samantha R.
Samantha R.
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Searching for a local moving company in Denver, CO

I chose this company based on research I did online. They ensured that there were no issues at every step of the way. That is a serious level of efficiency in my book, and I love supporting locally owned businesses!
Taylor H.
Taylor H.
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A smooth local move in castle rock!

This move went great. They were extremely fast and coordinated. The guys worked for three hours, and they were an excellent team. We hired them for a local move, and they were extremely creative and efficient in covering awkward furniture and TVs. We are now settled in our new house and couldn't be happier with the services offered!
Chelsey L.
Chelsey L.
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Moving long distance on short notice from wheat ridge

I've always been skeptical about hiring a moving company as I thought they would not take care of my personal belongings better than I would, and this being short notice, I was worried. DTC Movers has surpassed my expectations, and I would recommend them to anyone needing moving assistance.
Lisa T.
Lisa T.
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Fabulous moving experience in Lone Tree!

Contacted DTC movers to help me move from Lone Tree to Houston. They were very professional and worked with me through all the details, from what I needed to pack to which items I should leave packed on the truck. They did an amazing job packing and moving everything promptly, with care for each item they handled.
Bridgette J.
Bridgette J.
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Fabulous moving experience in Lone Tree!

We found DTC Movers on Google. They immediately gave us a straightforward free quote, and we had the pleasure of working with them for my office move from DTC to Lakewood. They were all incredibly professional, hard-working, on time, and great to work with!
Jermain R.
Jermain R.
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Top movers in Denver, CO!

The experience was the best you could ask from a moving company! They asked questions, took great care with my belongings, and were professional and polite from start to finish. The office staff was always quick to respond to questions!
Hannah H.
Hannah H.
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Packing services were superb!

I had the BEST experience with DTC Movers - the team I had was very efficient wrapping up furniture and moving it. Very professional, and the value was excellent. I hope to stay in the location where I've moved, but I highly recommend DTC Movers!
May B.
May B.
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Moving day was a breeze!

DTC Movers went that one step beyond to ensure my move went as smoothly as possible! They gave me a reasonable quote, provided an extensive list of what I should take with me and what should be left behind, and came on time to pick up my furniture!
Denver movers near me
dtc movers castle rock

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