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Long Distance Movers Denver, CO

Planning Your Interstate Move From Denver, CO

When selecting the best option for your upcoming long-distance move, Denver residents are going to be exploring many options. It can be tough to pick the one for you if you don’t know what services provided match your needs.

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Long Distance Packing and Moving Services

Let Us Help Your Cross-country Relocation

We are available to ensure you understand all you need to know about long-distance movers here in Denver, CO. We provide all of the information that you require to make an informed decision about your cross-country move.

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DTC Movers in Denver

Why Do People Consider Hiring Professional Long Distance Movers in the Denver Area?

There are several reasons to hire professional long-distance movers for your upcoming move out of Denver, CO. For one thing, the moving process is a massive hassle and a tremendous amount of work that may be best left up to the professionals.

Whether this is your first move or simply the next move in your life’s journey, hiring local movers specializing in interstate moves is the way to go.

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Packers and Movers in Denver

What Makes Long Distance Movers in Denver, CO Different?

Several things make Denver long-distance movers different from each other. A moving company can specialize in certain kinds of moves.

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Local or Long Distance?

For instance, some Denver movers don’t focus specifically on long-distance moves and may also have a fleet of movers offering local moving services from within Denver or intrastate moving within Colorado. Other companies only handle long-distance moving services.

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Packing Services For a Long Distance Move

Cost Vs. Quality: The Truth Behind The Lowball Moving Quotes

Competitive pricing is essential in the moving industry. The price is going to be different for every moving company.

It has partially to do with one simple truth; that many long-distance moving companies in the moving industry tend to offer lowball prices in their free moving quotes and then undercut their moving services.

To this end, it is vital to take every quote with a pinch of salt and do not leap into bed with the lowest bidding moving company. Generally, if a price appears too good to be true, it is!

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Call to Get a Long-Distance Moving Quote

Protect Your Move with Moving Insurance

Another thing that makes long-distance movers in Denver stand out is that they are all required to have insurance that ensures their clients are safeguarded against damage or loss that may occur during the moving process.

Insurance is a minimum requirement if you want to ensure the safety of your items so remember this when getting quotes from potential movers.

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Soft Crating Services

When Is A Mover Not A Mover?

There are two types of moving companies when it comes to long-distance moves: brokers and carriers.


These are the companies that do the moving. They have their own trucks, employees, and warehouses. They are in charge of packing up your belongings, transporting them to the new location, and unloading them.

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These are the companies that find you a carrier. They don’t carry out the long-distance move themselves, but they do have contracts with many different carriers.


While brokers charge less for their moving services, the lack of direct control over their moving companies often results in a loss of accountability and quality services. Choose a full-service Denver carrier!

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What Information Does My Company Need To Improve The Moving Pro?

Your moving company needs to have a clear idea of what you expect from them if they are to provide you with an accurate free quote and hassle-free relocation services. Here are the key talking points:

(1) Is Your Move Coming Up Soon?

If you have a set date or even a general window when you need to move, let this be the first message you convey to your coordinator. If you need to be out this week, the movers must verify that they can fit you in their schedule. If your move is not due for another year, an introductory conversation followed by a call in the future is preferable; moving prices can change before your move date.

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(2) What Do I Include In My Moving Inventory

You must offer a clear and complete list of all large household items you wish to relocate. Your inventory includes furniture and non-boxable articles such as TV units, oversized ornaments, mirrors, and artwork.

Dimensions for these items will significantly help determine the accuracy of your quote if the moving company charges by volume.

(3) Get a Volume-Based Moving Estimate Today

Your long-distance move will be charged either by the volume of your goods or the weight. Be sure to ask the mover which of these methods they adhere to.

We always recommend a volume-based quote as it is usually more accurate and can be calculated while providing the dimensions of your inventory items to your mover. 

Better still, an in-home estimator can measure your goods for you (see In-Home Moving Estimates later in this article).

Weight-based quotes are usually only solidified once your items are already on the moving truck and at a weighing station. 

If there are any disagreements on price at this stage, you may face a labor charge to have your household goods returned to you.

(4) Location of the Destination

Your destination includes not just city and state but also the street.

This precise level of detail is essential as we need to determine if additional moving costs can be avoided.

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(5) Additional Fees May Apply

Additional levies may not apply to all cross country moves out of Denver, but maybe yours. These charges may include:

  • Shuttle Your Goods With A Small Truck: If your full-service movers cannot park their semi-trailer safely outside your new home for either physical or legal restrictions, a smaller moving truck will be specially hired to “shuttle” your goods that extra mile to your front door.
  • Fragile Items-What to Expect?: Any fragile articles (glass, marble, slate, granite, artwork) must be packed into boxes or crates before the movers’ arrival. If they are not, the mover will provide these services at an additional charge for materials and labor.
  • Bulky Items: You may have items in your home, such as a heavy piano or a gun safe, that require heavy lifting and must be loaded without any other items staked atop them while in the truck. A bulky item fee may be applied.
  • Elevator/Stairs: If there is an elevator or multiple flights of stairs to navigate in your new home or current address, labor charges will be applied.

Talk to your moving coordinator about all these potential additions to your expenses to see if they must be included in the total cost of your free moving quote.

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(6) How Long Will You Wait For Your Belongings?

The average commute time for a perfect long-distance move is 1-14 business days, depending on the distance and time of year. 

You have a right to have a general idea of how long you may be waiting for your shipment to arrive at your new house, so be sure to get a realistic timeframe from your coordinator, even if the answer is not as desirable as you would hope!

(7) How To Get Your Questions Answered By A Professional Mover

Managing any objections you may have will be one of this moving representative’s essential skills. Their first line of defense should honor your requests for changes, answer all questions and take notes on anything they don’t understand or require clarification on.

researching movers

“Google” Find The Best Long Distance Moving Companies in the Denver Area

First of all, it is vital to compare several different quotes before deciding on a good company to trust with all your belongings. 

It can be tough deciding which moving company is the best choice for your moving needs. Here are the main points to consider:

Consumer Reviews On Denver Best Movers

When researching moving companies in Denver, you can begin your due diligence with the Better Business Bureau.

Here, you can read all great reviews and less-than-favorable reviews and apply objectivity accordingly.

US Dept. of Transportation Movers Directory

With the DOT Movers Directory, you can peruse an index of every licensed broker and carrier in the country and verify that they are based here in Denver, CO.

If a moving company has offered your a quote, but their name does not appear on this directory, cross them off your list since they are not permitted to operate over state lines. You should know that your goods are moving safely!

Free In-Home Moving Estimates

If you’re still unsure about a company, call them up and ask for an in-home moving estimate. This is where the movers come to your home or apartment in Denver and give you a guaranteed not-to-exceed price for your long-distance move.

Any long-distance moving company in the Denver area based within a 50-mile radius of your house must make this offer to you free of charge.

This is a surefire way to promise you a stress-free moving experience and weed out undesirable bidders for your cross-country move since brokers cannot offer this service directly.

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Packing Materials

Some Denver long-distance movers may list additional services on their website, such as packing services. A “Full Packing Service” can be made available to you. This is where the Denver movers will not only prepare your furniture with moving blankets and bubble wrap but will also pack your valuable belongings into their packing paper and moving boxes.

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Storage Solutions Near Denver International Airport

Denver movers should also offer storage solutions if you need to place your belongings into a temporary holding facility until the time comes for them to be delivered to your new home.

The minimum you should expect from Denver movers is for them to offer up to 30 days of free storage, commencing from your moving day.

Call DTC Movers Now For A Free Quote on Your Next Move!

As you can see, there are a lot of essential business details that need to be considered when choosing the right moving company in Denver, CO, for your particular needs.

It’s time to choose the right full-service moving company services in Denver, CO. Now is the best time. Call us asap and get a free quote on your move!

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