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What is Life in Denver Compared to Living in Aurora, CO: Here are All the Finer Details on Both

Relocation Within Colorado

Colorado is a state known for its beauty, opportunity, and continued efforts in developing a solid and tight-knit community, but within Centennial State, there are many options for living.

Denver city limits and the downtown area are among the first places Coloradans consider due to their popularity, remaining the capital city and a place that offers a fun and exciting atmosphere in the middle of everything.

There are also many gorgeous suburbs outside the metro area, like Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Arvada, and Aurora, CO – which can be an excellent place to land if you want family-friendly living.

Securing a Future that Satisfies Your Needs Amongst the Rocky Mountains

Denver movers are used to transporting their clients all over the state, from Colorado Springs to Estes Park and even across state lines toward San Francisco and other parts of the country.

But finding your place in the Mile High State is essential to your household’s happiness, comfort, and general feelings of security in everyday life.

Exploring the land gives you options and allows you to take control of your lifestyle and your family’s future.

Denver and Aurora, CO, are two major cities in the area that will always continue to entice new members into their communities, but the question is, which place is right for you?

downtown denver apartments
Apartment living is the order of the day in Downtown Denver!

The Mile High City is Having Their Moment

Denver is the biggest city in CO, and the population continues to fluctuate with newcomers coming from all over the United States and natives traveling into the heart of the downtown area to gain a new perspective and lease on the way they have been living.

In Colorado Denver, there are so many options in terms of housing; each neighborhood has its personality, and getting to know the best Denver neighborhoods before moving in is your best bet.

While in a highly populated area, the city parks and outdoor activities are endless yet balanced by the typical hobbies you see in city living – nightlife, live music, unique bars, delicious food, and fabulous boutiques!

downtown denver co
There is something for everyone in bustling Downtown Denver!

denverDowntown Denver Has Its Benefits

Denver is all the rage, and every great city has its perks.

Still, this place sits a mile high above the rest of the cities and towns of America, and perhaps this is why people are enlisting the help of local movers and moving into one of the many neighborhoods it has to offer.

Exploring the benefits and downfalls of any area is pertinent to understanding the local community, the current housing market, public transportation, education, and job opportunities before making the lap – because even though you will experience the four seasons in Denver, ensuring it is the right season in your life to make the transition is essential to a successful relocation experience.

Denver Offers a Central Location and Easy Access to Denver International Airport

Denver is an active city, but it is easy to remain active because you are in the center of everything in Colorado!

Living within the downtown area makes it easy to get to DIA, and the light rail makes it simple to get through the suburbs in the area – and even up into the mountains, you can hop on historic Colfax Avenue or the highway to get up to the Rockies.

Your proximity to the mountains is one of the most incredible benefits, as you are less than an hour from the foothills, multi-use trails, skiing, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and mountain biking!

Moving companies in Denver are bringing more and more clients down to the Denver metro area because its location couldn’t be more convenient for those commuting to work or play!

Rocky Mountain View from denver
If you ever tire of this view each morning, you may be tired of life!

You Always Have a View of the Rocky Mountains

While sitting at a higher altitude and may experience some altitude sickness, being a CO resident, you are likely already used to these conditions.

You can wake up every morning to a view of the mountain range.

Rocky Mountain National Park is approximately an hour and 20 minutes away, so whether you are hoping to spend a day on Bear Lake or need to drive down to the Morrison for a show at Red Rocks – utilizing high-quality moving services to relocate to Denver pays off in scenery immediately.

Washington park denver
Washington Park is a wondrous natural haven in Denver CO

It’s a Paradise for Nature Lovers

Continuing with the theme of the great outdoors, the Winter season will not keep you from spending time outside!

Denver has a reputation for sparking adventure and encouraging an active lifestyle, even within the city, because there are gorgeous parks, open spaces, and many places to explore.

Living in Colorado seems to level up residents’ ambitions, and even though buildings surround you, you can head over to Washington Park for a run or paddle boarding, Cheeseman Park to walk your dog, or even Congress Park for group yoga classes!

Convinced yet? DTC furniture movers are always available to review the logistics of your move to ensure your relocation to Denver is seamless and stress-free!

Magical Food and Beer Scene

Living in the city means having more options than the national average regarding activities and delicious food.

You will never be limited to a set menu again because there are likely 20+ restaurants nearby and even more bars to choose from if you are just hoping for some appetizers and a snack.

Moving to Denver brings newcomers a chance to try out new things – visit City Oh City for vegan bites, check out D Bar for date night, or spend your afternoon at Denver Beer Co with friends and family – whatever it is you choose to do with your time, you aren’t going to have to worry about nourishing you soul, or taste buds.

downtown denver
Denver is one of the best infrastructure networks in America

Simple Public Transportation & Local Community

While Denver is a significant metroplex, and you will inevitably experience traffic, people are used to using alternative modes of transportation.

RTD has continued expanding its infrastructure and availability on a broader scale to accommodate the incoming population. While they are not where they need to be, you will find a bus stop at almost every major intersection.

Many Denverites opt not to use their cars because of the limits it can impose on getting around, and instead, people rely heavily on the public light rail system, bus transit, walking, and biking!

Denver City’s High-Quality Schools and Higher Education

Denver Public Schools is a highly renowned and respected school district, and they are rated in the top 10 among Colorado school district options.

They offer traditional elementary, middle, and high school settings alongside private schools and alternative settings with AP, IB, and the Gifted and Talented programs within each school.

DPS is known for its exceptional academics, incredible teachers, and dedication to transforming the educational sphere – offering an inclusive and autonomous environment that adequately prepares students for life outside the classroom and continued education.

Speaking of higher education, Denver is also a place where many can see promising future job growth and opportunities within university settings, as there are many options available:

denver co neighborhood
Housing in Denver can often prove to be more unobtainable due to rising real estate costs

pros and consDenver Is a Major City But, It Also Has Its Down Falls

Denver, Colorado, has gorgeous features, lovely outdoor activities, and a beautiful community. While there is a lot to do, from visiting the Denver Zoo and Aquarium to having access to legal medical and recreational marijuana – this isn’t the right place for everyone.

There are many quality characteristics to entice Colorado residents.

Still, every city has its downfalls, and gaining that perspective before hiring moving companies and relocating is crucial in determining the future of your household.

Housing Costs are Higher Than the National Average

It is no secret that Denver housing costs are above the national average and higher than what you see in suburbs that border the city.

Colorado Springs and other suburban areas like Aurora, CO, have been made popular due to the sheer cost of living and hardships that get in the way of moving to Denver and staying there.

With its expansive job market and intrigue from people all over the country – the influx of people caused the housing and rental market to surge!

The average home price is nearly $599,000, and rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment can vary from $2,050 to $2,400.

You will require a median household income of at least $42,000 without children, but once children are in the mix, families are projected to sustain at least $87,500.

traffic congestion denver co
Like all major cities, Denver CO is not without it’s traffic congestion issues during rush hours

Traffic Isn’t Great in the City

No one wants to hire a local moving company only to realize they are running behind schedule due to traffic issues.

Still, this is a likely scenario in Denver, considering that traffic has been at an all-time high over the past few years.

One of the most significant daily complaints you will hear from your neighbors is the traffic they had to sit in for their morning or evening commutes, and while CDOT is attempting to expand roadway options – it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon.

Be prepared to leave early if you are trying to get anywhere on time.

Population Growth Continues to Rise

If we haven’t said it already, the population in Denver has become a problem, and those who have been there for decades have seen a massive change in the city.

The population has shown a steady increase by anywhere from 1.17 to 1.24%, and the trend is projected to continue.

Due to the population changes, there have been humongous apartment buildings popping up everywhere, and all forms of housing are being constructed to accommodate this influx of people.

While Denver neighbors are friendly, this increase has led to extreme forms of gentrification and changes that have wiped out entire neighborhoods to make way for newcomers.

So, before you choose to move, consider the impact it may have on existing residents in the area.

denver broncos fans
When it comes to football, Denver is Broncos country!

Watching Sports Feeds into the Frenzy

If you play sports or watch them, chances are that you are a Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, or Avalanche fan, and the fans are not just regular people – they are fully invested in everything.

While this is a great way to connect with people you would not otherwise come into contact with, you may run into a few you didn’t want to, and when there is a game going on – expect traffic to become gridlocked, hopping on the light rail may be problematic and transportation anywhere is a hurdle.

aurora co
Aurora CO is immediately east of Denver and serves as a suburban getaway for residents working downtown

suburbanPositive Attributes of Moving to Aurora, Colorado

Moving to Aurora is another excellent option available to CO residents, and the Aurora frontier has become a bright, shining star on the horizon for many families looking for something close to the city without the negatives associated with living downtown.

Living in Aurora, CO, offers a more conservative cost of living, outdoor recreation, great schools, public gold courses, and a suburban feel!

Aurora, Colorado, is located about 20 minutes west of Denver and is Colorado’s third-largest city, spanning over three different counties.

While its population has grown and changed throughout the years, it remains a force to be reckoned with and an excellent option for settling as a single person, young professional, or with family!

Cherry Creek State Park is Among the Many Outdoor Spaces

Cherry Creek State Park is the largest state park in the area.

Still, other outdoor spaces exist to enjoy, like the Aurora Reservoir, Piney Creek Trail, Tollgate Creek Trail, and over six public golf courses used for everyday outdoor recreation.

The Cherry Creek and Aurora Reservoir are staples in the community alongside the Plains Conservation Center – all open to the public year-round!

Aurora’s altitude isn’t relatively as high as Denver’s, but living in Aurora still makes way for multiple options to get outside, whether you are interested in biking, taking a walk, running, hiking, sailing, swimming, or simply exploring.

Looking for professional movers in the area is easy with DTC Movers servicing Aurora, Colorado, and neighboring areas – so if you are looking to get there quickly, request your moving quote today!

cherry creek state park
Given Aurora’s location on the periphery of the Metro Denver Area, a lot more open land can be allocated for green spaces such as Cherry Creek State Park

Cost of Living in Aurora is Lower than in Denver

The average household income in Aurora, CO, is approximately $72,000 for families, which has grown from previous years.

It is slightly lower than the national average, but when you want to purchase a home or rent an apartment, you are lucky because the pricing differs significantly from Denver.

  • The average cost of a home in Aurora is around $472,000, which is higher than the national average but lower than the city.
  • The general rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment come in at approximately $1,750, and you can snag a two-bedroom unit for $2,100!

You won’t have to be so uptight and concerned about your moving costs concerning your housing and necessities budget when moving to Aurora because the cost of living doesn’t produce a strain on the household like it would in other parts of Colorado.

The Cherry Creek School District is the Highest Ranked Aurora Schools

Since Aurora makes up multiple counties, you will also encounter different school districts depending on where you live – Aurora Public Schools, Douglas County, and Cherry Creek School District.

  • Cherry Creek takes the Centennial, Cherry Hills, Englewood, and Greenwood Village areas with schools like Homestead Elementary and Grandview High School. They are rated as the third-best district in Colorado!
  • Aurora Public Schools have over 235 public, private, charter, and alternative schools like Aurora Quest, allowing students to customize the learning environment. They maintain top ranking in the state and pride themselves on equity in the classroom.
  • Douglas County School District is also within the top five districts in CO, so it is no wonder parents are inquiring about movers and packing companies to make the move to Aurora; your children have access to some of the best education in Colorado!
children's hospital
The Children’s Hospital Colorado is a major employer for people in the healthcare sector

Job Opportunities in the Denver Tech Center and Throughout Northwest Aurora

Before moving to Aurora, understanding the job opportunities and what is available near your potential home is critical to families and homeowners.

The job market has increased over the past few years, but the major employers remain in the medical, mental health, and government sectors.

Places like Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Army General Hospital, and Children’s Hospital Colorado are some major players, but that doesn’t mean that is all Aurora Colorado has to offer.

While the labor force has seen changes, people must adapt to these fluctuations, and it indeed has!

Are you ready to bring a crew of professional packers and movers to leap into new territory? DTC Movers can assist your local move to Aurora, Denver, or anywhere throughout the front range!

symphony orchestra
Get your fix of melodic euphoria with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra

Aurora Cultural Arts District is One of Many Things To Do

Finding diversity within your community is something that many families are looking for, as gaining exposure to new people with different perspectives on life and cultural backgrounds brings color to the communities within Colorado.

Aurora has precisely that, and it is no wonder that so many movers requested as there is always something to do:

  • Check out the Aurora History Museum, which has new exhibits about historic sites, festivals, and holiday events.
  • The Aurora Fox Arts Center has a full year-round calendar of music and artistic events!
  • You can’t miss the chance to listen to the Aurora Symphony Orchestra playing shows across Colorado and bringing new music to Aurora since 1978.
  • Visit Stanley Marketplace for good food, art exhibits, shopping, and social events!
  • Dry Dock Brewing Company is the largest brewing company in Aurora, providing residents with options for a night out and an afternoon to experience the sweet brews.

job opportunitiesCons of Becoming Aurora Residents

There are so many wonders in CO; Aurora features tons of its own, but before requesting movers in Aurora to get the ball rolling – understanding the cons associated with the town is critical.

While there are many amazing things about the city, there are plenty of reasons it may not be the perfect fit for your household.

cars in aurora co
Aurora sadly does not have the same public transport convenience as Denver CO

You Will Need Your Own Transportation

Moving to Aurora stipulates a tremendous need for a reliable and working vehicle if you want to explore all the golf courses in the area and get to work.

Relocating typically exaggerates a hyper-focus on moving company costs and all the logistics of transporting your belongings. However, Aurora is instead spread out once you arrive, so having a car is vital to your life.

It’s Reputation Exceeds Itself

When considering moving to Aurora, it means understanding it is a place with a reputation.

The mass shooting that occurred at Aurora’s movie theatre is a massive part of contributing to its reputation because it has caused a shrowd of negativity around the town, and some people have even canceled their movers and packers due to this factor.

One tragedy shouldn’t affect the reputation of an entire city, but in the case of Aurora, it hasn’t been shaken yet.

Crime is On the Rise

Safety is a significant issue for families and people living and moving to Aurora because security is necessary.

Crime is on the rise in Aurora, but this seems to be something we have seen increase following COVID for the rest of the state as well.

Some have even sought the help of long-distance movers to remove themselves from the situation they are currently in due to the crime and cost of living throughout Colorado.

jobs listings
You may spend a little longer hunting through the jobs market in Aurora CO. Many residents seek employment outside the city in areas like Denver

Unemployment Rates are Above the National Average

With the cost of living increasing continuously, residents in Aurora, CO, are in a position where they need to gradually gain an increased income to maintain and keep up with all the changes within the housing costs and market.

The job market in Aurora, CO, is diverse.

Still, it is not considered a big city or place filled with opportunities that promote future job growth and the ability to elevate your current career.

In the past five years, school districts, Colorado hospital positions, and even the Buckley Air Force Base have offered a consistent means of employment, but all of these options have specific requirements and prerequisites to gain that employment and remain on trend with the job market in the area which remains somewhat limited.

aurora vs denver co
Aurora and Denver: Each city has its unique qualities for future residents to enjoy. Where will you decide to relocate? Call DTC Movers today and let us help!

moversEvaluating Your Needs in the Mile High City

Relocating to Colorado is a significant decision, but it is solely up to you and those in your household to determine what will suit everyone best.

Aurora and Denver have unique perks, quirks, and downfalls, but regardless of where you are headed, locating and evaluating the best moving companies in the Centennial State are your next steps in any relocation project.

Hoping to Move to Aurora or the Denver Area?

DTC Movers are local, licensed, and insured moving experts in Colorado, servicing moves to Denver, Aurora, and the Rocky Mountains.

If you are preparing for an upcoming local or long-distance move, contact DTC Movers for complimentary moving quotes and a complete consultation on the relocation process!

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