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Local Movers Denver

The Mile High State has everything from dunes, deserts, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, and cityscapes.

While there are many places to adventure, the Denver area remains the most populated place, with over 700,000 people who continue to move about the metroplex and surrounding spaces.

Moving is typically considered a stressful life event, but in Colorado, there are reliable moving services to get renters and homeowners to where they want to be!

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Planning Your Local Moving Services

Getting started on a move means compartmentalizing everything that needs to be done into categories and checking them all off individually.

However, the entire process can be much easier with licensed moving companies in Denver.

With reputable relocation and storage solutions available, residents don’t have to manage all the little annoyances and endless tasks that usually accompany local moves.

Confirming Professional Movers in the Denver Metro Area

DTC Movers are local, licensed, insured relocation professionals providing accessible moving solutions.

Whether you are searching for local or long-distance moving companies near me, our crew is dedicated to moving services in the area. loading local move denver

What to Expect for a Local Move in Denver, CO

Local and long-distance movers offer two very different services but exist in the same line of work, and when you hire movers, it is essential to discern your set needs.

There are many Denverites looking for alternative relocation options like a rental truck or moving pods. 

Still, it doesn’t live up to the relocation experience available with professional moving experts within Denver service areas.

A local moving process is typically anything under 100 miles; you enter long-distance territory once you exceed that limit.

Local companies will develop moving charges per hour, whereas long-distance moves are completed according to the size of the move and the distance traveled.

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Hiring Movers that You Can Trust

Securing the best movers means researching, reading reviews, confirming experience, licensing, insurance, etc.

Our moving company in Denver has been in operation for over a decade; we offer white-glove moving services adhering to every client’s needs to ensure customer satisfaction!

We pride ourselves on being the go-to local moving company in the Mile High City and supplying affordable moving options for locals.

Secure Transportation & Moving Services

Local movers help with loading, unloading, and transportation, assisting those with first-time moving experience or well-seasoned veterans. 

Lifting and lowering all the moving boxes and furniture is one of the most challenging things about the process, and with our Denver Moving company, you can leave it all behind because our crew will get it all done for you.

Once the moving truck arrives, our moving service begins with padding and protecting the property, packing, loading, and transporting to the delivery location.

Customer Service Agents to Adhere to All Moving Needs

Great customer service is always included, and our care team is available throughout the full duration of every moving service.

Our customer care is there to help throughout your move if questions, concerns, or changes need to be made.

Not all moving companies in Denver offer this support, and customer service agents are just another layer of help to make the relocation smoother!

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Exceptional Denver Packing Services

Having easy access to packing services is one of the most convenient benefits of working with local Denver moving companies.

Living in one place, it is easy to begin accumulating tons of stuff, and the art of decluttering and downsizing is a good place to start before the moving company arrives. 

Still, there are plenty of options available to avoid these tedious tasks!

Most moving services will supply reliable packing opportunities, but our professional movers and packers can help protect your items with quality packing supplies and experienced techniques.

With our elite moving company in Denver, the team offers the following options:

  • Full Packing Services.
  • Partial Packing Services.
  • Custom or Specialty Packing Options.
A Moving Team to Finish the Unpacking

But it doesn’t stop with the packing and loading processes because once everything is offloaded from the moving truck, the sorting and unpacking will commence.

This can be incredibly time-consuming and prevent individuals or families from having the ability to settle in.

With local moving services, there are professional movers capable of helping with unpacking services!

This can save time and unnecessary stress, allowing clients to ease into their new homes or apartments.

storage solutions

Local Storage Solutions

If you are moving to Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO, or another part of Colorado, you may decide that there isn’t enough space to take all your belongings, or you simply do not need them all at this moment.

Moving and storage companies assist movers with finding and facilitating the storage of some of their items.

Our Denver movers offer storage unit options to keep all those household belongings safe and sound until you have found your dream home, which is the perfect place.

Even when moving locally, things aren’t always going precisely as planned, and life can be hectic, but our storage solutions offer a soft landing!

Short & Long-Term Storage Services

Most moving companies in Denver can offer storage options for customers, but not everyone will be created equally when looking at the larger picture.

The DTC moving company provides both short and long-term storage solutions.

So if you are just there temporarily, there are options to prorate storage payments to our moving company.

But if you are in things for the long haul, we have the secure, climate-controlled facilities to continue storage for as long as needed.

office relocation

A Denver Moving Company for Commercial Relocations

For offices, restaurants, retail shops, small businesses, or any kind of commercial moving services, we do it all.

As a fully licensed and insured company in the Mile High, we understand how difficult it can be when there are changes in the office space, and we are committed to a seamless transition for our commercial clients.

Understanding the moving process is a significant part of creating a successful relocation project for an entire workplace. 

Simplifying Commercial Moving Services

Before booking a moving company, business owners often think of everything that may be negatively affected throughout the relocation process.

We are here to offer a solid arm to avoid all catastrophes! DTC Movers is well-equipped and experienced in making all moving procedures simple.

Let Our Dedicated Team of Denver Movers Take on the Heavy Lifting

Sure, there are plenty of nearby Denver moving companies to choose from, but one moving company stands out from all the rest.

Our crew brings access to premium packing supplies, packing service options, the necessary equipment for a safe load and offload, and a totally seamless transition for business owners and employees alike!

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Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Schedule with a Moving Company Early On

It is easy to procrastinate with an upcoming relocation process.

People are busy figuring out where to live in Colorado, checking into new job opportunities, and perhaps even interviewing moving companies in the area

Getting started on everything as early as possible guarantees additional time for client preparation.

It also will let homeowners let go of any stress occurring around the move as everyone will have significant notice and be able to plan around the moving date.

As a general rule of thumb, booking a moving company in Denver at least two to three months before the move date is a wise idea.

Take Care of Utilities & Housing Logistics

You can’t push past all the little things that come with a move, either.

Taking care of the household logistics speeds up the move-out process so that everything is set up and ready to go by the time you move into the new place.

These are some of the less exciting factors about relocating, but they are completely necessary, even for local moving services.

Be sure to start with the following:

  • Submit your change of address form to the local Post Office. You can even complete the process online, which is convenient when moving.
  • Cancel current utilities or transfer those services to the new address for the projected move date so you don’t have to deal with it after arriving.
  • Schedule internet installation if applicable. This typically goes hand in hand with other house utilities.
  • Switch homeowner or renters insurance information. This can even help out with additional coverage options during the move.
  • Start move-out cleaning or schedule a professional cleaning crew.
  • Check out the local Colorado school districts for registration.
  • Consider submitting a resume to nearby businesses if you want to switch jobs.

color code moving boxes

Color Code Moving Box Labels

Moving companies can provide amazing packing services, but the movers in Denver won’t always know what or where to place everything upon delivery.

Do your best to develop a system around labeling every moving box. The more detailed the packing labels, the easier it is to unpack!

Try to color code according to the room, write down additional details on the boxes for essentials, and take pictures of them for reference.

Set Aside a Small Bag of Essentials

Local moving services are quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need everyday items.

You can have the entire guide to the city of Denver, but without your favorite hairbrush, toothbrush, or pair of shoes, it can make a person feel off balance. 

Put aside a small bag or suitcase for yourself and everyone else in the family to be available and ready on the first night in the new place.

This helps simplify the setting in the process because all the essentials are already there and easy to access.

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Things People Also Ask Moving Companies in Denver, CO

Do local movers in Denver always charge by the hour, or will they prorate?

Most Denver movers charge by the hour and will assign a set rate as a minimum.

There are many differences between moving companies, but if you only use the minimum amount of hours required by the company, they will not prorate any hours. 

However, beyond that, the business should go by the exact time used rather than charging for the full hour when it was not needed.

Gaining estimates provides specific insights on how a moving company will charge for the upcoming relocation procedures, allowing homeowners to prepare and budget around their projected needs.

Are there additional fuel charges for a local move?

There shouldn’t be a fuel surcharge unless you are traveling longer distances, but a large majority of moving companies will include set travel time.

Fuel prices and moving costs go hand in hand for movers, and as the price of gas changes, it affects the cost of travel time, even with local moves. 

You can expect a set travel time according to the local distance from the pickup to the delivery point.

Discuss these details further with a personal moving representative.

When will my moving time start on the move date?

With local moving services, your move time begins once the crew leaves their office or warehouse; this is considered travel time.

The labor itself will start once the movers arrive and begin packing and loading your belongings.

This can vary from company to company, so addressing all these topics with the moving company before booking services is essential.

lifting sofa

Can I help load my furniture during the move?

The whole point of booking a Denver moving company is that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting, loading, and loading that comes with it!

Unfortunately, even those who would like to be helpful cannot help lift or load things during the moving services.

The movers are professionals; you likely have less knowledge and experience doing these things, which can pose a risk of injury or accident during the loading, unloading, disassembly, or reassembly procedures.

Instead of loading, focus on any other details that need to be completed before leaving the home, from cleaning to clearing the fridge, and let your movers do the rest!

What are the most popular neighborhoods to live in the Denver area?

Colorado residents are likely privy to the hot spots throughout the city, but having a more profound guide to the best neighborhoods in Denver is helpful when trying to find the perfect spot to live. 

Every neighborhood has its special quirks and personalities, but currently, these are the most popular spaces now:

  • Wash Park.
  • Park Hill.
  • Cap Hill.
  • Baker.
  • Rino.
  • Cherry Creek.

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Contact Our Experienced Moving Company for a Quote

With DTC Movers in Denver, CO, local moving is a breeze!

Our professional moving experts are here to take care of everything and are prepared to provide a free in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual moving estimate.

Contact our Denver move specialists for your free quote, and allow us to get you to your next neighborhood.

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Recent Reviews from Customers in the Mile High City

personaThe full-service packing services made the move so easy!

“Finding packing materials and the process of packing is the one thing I dread about moving.

Denver Moving Group offered a great team of professional packers to help with everything, and they did a fantastic job!”

Terry & Lola G. Denver, CO

personaAffordable moving team right in Denver, CO!

“I couldn’t believe I found these professional Denver movers for such an amazing hourly rate.

The crew arrived early, packed everything quickly, and we were at our new place, settling in quickly!”

Kathleen H. Denver, CO

personaA quick and simple move to our one-bedroom apartment!

“We didn’t have too much to move but also didn’t have the time to do it ourselves.

We were looking forward to getting into the Denver area off S Santa Fe Dr.

The two movers who helped did an amazing job and were extremely careful and professional throughout the process.”

Will & Sarah T. Denver, CO

personaThis is the best moving company in Denver for Colorado residents!

“We are so impressed with the service moving from Colorado Springs into Denver, CO.

I had initially requested estimates from All My Sons and Local Moving LLC, but I ended up booking with DTC Movers and couldn’t be more happy with their services.”

Yelena & Beck L. Denver, CO

personaExcellent office moving experience with this team of movers!

“I was so stressed out trying to keep everything together during the move of our warehouse locations, so I began searching through Denver moving companies for professional assistance.

These Colorado movers provided a reasonable estimate and helped make the moving procedures completely seamless!”

Charles & Staff Denver, CO

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