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Another day, another packing time for you’ll be having a long-distance moving with your whole family or maybe by yourself. But, do you know what type of moving boxes and packing supplies are out there for your next long-distance move? If not, don’t worry because you’ve found this blog post. Not sure which kind to buy for your big move? Then keep reading!
This article outlined the best types of moving boxes and packing supplies to select from. These are all things that I would consider essential for safe and smooth long-distance moving. And, they are all items that I have used myself during my five long-distance moves. Let’s talk about the most common moving boxes and packing supplies out there.

The most common types of moving supplies include boxes, mattress boxes, flat-screen TV boxes, picture boxes, tape and dispensers, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, newsprint paper, microfoam, peanuts, mattress bags, and moving pads.

What type of moving boxes and other packing supplies are out there for your next long-distance move.

Here’s a little storytime from one of our clients.

“When I moved from the U.S. to Asia for the first time in 2004, I didn’t have enough time and energy to prepare myself for this long-distance move by reading up on different types of moving supplies. So, a few weeks before moving day, I grabbed my phone and saw DTC movers: packing and moving company and decided to buy some items they recommended.

I bought some boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and newsprint paper recommended by Denver movers. They were the best quality, and they protected my stuff from the bottom and tops. The best part was that I had packed some of my most valuable items, including family heirlooms (pictures), flat-screen TV, laptops, and other electronics inside these lightweight boxes. When I arrived at my new home, many of my items were safe due to the protection offered by these moving supplies.”

How to use the moving supplies, and what can be packed in every box?

Let’s talk about the different types of moving supplies you can use for your next long-distance move.

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Small Box

Size: 16"x12"x12"
Cubic Feet: 1.3 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 40 lbs

Legal Box

Size: 24"x12"x10"
Cubic Feet: 1.6 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

Medium Box

Size: 18"x18"x16"
Cubic Feet: 3.0 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

Large Box

Size: 24"x18”x18”
Cubic Feet: 4.5 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

Dishpack Box

Size: 18"x18"x28"
Cubic Feet: 5.25 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 120 lbs

Extra Large Box

Size: 24”x18”x24"
Cubic Feet: 6.0 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

Lamp Box

Size: 12"x12"x40"
Cubic Feet: 3.3 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

Wardrobe Box

Size: 24"x20"x46"
Cubic Feet: 12.8 Cu. Ft.
Weight: 65 lbs

These are the easiest to find and the most affordable type of moving boxes out there. It comes in different box sizes such as small box, legal box, medium box, large box, dish pack box, and extra-large box. You can use the small box for smaller items like books, DVDs, and light clothing. The legal box is for larger and heavier items such as pillows, comforters, blankets, coats, pants, and dresses. The medium box can hold more clothing items, while the large box can hold sheets and towels, and an extra-large box for bulky stuff in your house.

You can also use the dish pack box for glass items, the medium box for dishes, and the extra-large box for pots and pans.

Mattress Boxes

Crib Mattress

Twin Mattress Box

Full Size Mattress Box

Queen & King Mattress Box

For your next big move, you should buy the mattress boxes to transport your mattresses from one point to another. This will protect them from getting wet or dirty during transit. It has different types: a box for a queen and king mattress, a crib mattress, a box fit for a twin mattress, and a full-size mattress box. You can use each box depending on what mattress you have in your house. The standard sizes for the mattress boxes are twin, complete, and queen size.

Flat Screen TV Boxes

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 24"x6"x18"
TV Size: 19"-22"

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 38"x8"x26"
TV Size: 32"-37"

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 44"x6"x33"
TV Size: 40"-46"

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 58"x8"x36"
TV Size: 50"-55"

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 64"x9"x36-3/4"
TV Size: 55"-60"

Flat Screen TV Box

Size: 67"x8"x43"
TV Size: 65"-70"

You can buy flat-screen TV boxes if you plan to move your valuable flat-screen TVs from one point to another. Its size depends on the type of flat-screen TV that you have in your house. A typical standard 32″ TV box is about 38 by eight by 26.

Picture Boxes

Small Mirror & Picture Box

Size: 37”x4”x27”

Large Mirror & Picture Box

Size: 48-1/4” x 4-5/16” x

These are best for storing your photos or pictures that you want to keep safe during your move. Each picture box has different sizes, such as small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. To best utilize it, place your photos in plastic sleeves before placing them in the picture box because this will help prevent them from getting damaged.

Tape & Dispenser


Amount: 2"x55 yard

Tape Dispenser

Amount: 2 inches (4mm)

These are used for sealing the edges of boxes to hold in all the moving supplies during transit. The tape dispenser will provide you with 55 yards of 2″ tape. The tape dispenser will also protect your hands from getting hurt while using it.

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Length: 15"x750 Ft

Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Amount: Available 5”, 10”, 15”, and 20”
width - all sizes have 1000’ of wrap length

This is a stretchable and breathable plastic film used for sealing and protecting objects during transit. It will provide you with 750 feet of stretch wrap with 15″ inches in diameter. It is best used to tape large size objects like mirrors, lamps, and box springs. The stretch wrap was also designed for wrapping furniture during transit for easier handling of the table when unpacking on your new home. The stretch wrap’s length is 48 inches, which means you have more to wrap around objects with the extra space.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap (Small)

Size: 12x250

Bubble Wrap (Medium)

Size: 24"x250"

Bubble Wrap (Large)

Size: 48"x250"

This is filled with a gas created from polystyrene (compressed air). you can use the bubble wrap to protect your furniture and other possessions during transit. There are different sizes for the bubble wraps include small, medium, and large. To best utilize it, place your items on the bubble wrap before applying the sealing tape to seal it.

Newsprint Paper

Newsprint Paper

Weight: 25 lbs

This is used to wrap furniture and other fragile items you wish to protect during the move. You can maximize the use of it by covering the table with wrapping paper and then apply the paper with the help of the tape. The paper is also used for wrapping your boxes during transit.


Microfoam (Small)

Length: 12"x100"

Microfoam (Medium)

Length: 12"x400"

Microfoam (Large)

Length: 24"x450"

Microfoam (Extra Large)

Length: 48"x550"

This is used for packing and wrapping fragile items like electronics, dishes, glassware, glass figurines, and other breakables during transit. The microfoam comes in different sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. Make sure that you measure your items before buying the foam. The foam comes with a bag, which you can use for storage.



Mattress Bags

Mattress Bag (Crib)

Mattress bag (Twin)

Mattress bag (Full Size)

Mattress bag (Queen & King)

This is used to store your mattress during transit. It is similar to the mattress box but has a zipper for easy opening and closing. The mattress bags are designed for every size of mattress from twin, complete, and queen size.

Moving Pads

Moving Pad

Size: 72"x80"

This is used to protect your furniture from getting scratches and dents during transit. To best utilize this, place the furniture pad on the furniture, then tape it with the help of packing tape.

To sum up

Generally, moving long-distance costs depends on several factors, such as how much you need to move if you plan to hire professional cross-country movers in Denver. What type of moving supplies would be in your budget. Price is always relative and depends on many factors.

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