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What is the best neighborhood to move to in Denver

If you are planning an apartment or business move, Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful place! By choice of many editors, Denver is a magnet in many ways. Both due to legalization and due to the quality of life and weather.
I moved from Buffalo, New York, to Denver in August 2020. Denver is a beautiful city that is not closed during the Corona plague. The people are great, and the Hilltop neighborhood we moved to is stunning.

After almost a year since we moved to Denver, we are discovering all sorts of neighborhoods and places that it is good that we did not move there in the first place. In this article, we will review the good and least good neighborhoods there are in Denver. Let’s start.

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Best neighborhoods in Denver.

Country Club, Denver, CO

country club denver neighbourhood


The Country Club neighborhood is located between South Alameda Street in the south and 8th Ave. South University BLVD is bordered on its eastern side and South Downing Street on its western side. There was not a single crime case in the Country Club neighborhood that ended in death in 2020!

Link to map

Berkeley, Denver, CO

berkeley Denver lake


Two beautiful giant lakes adorn the northern part of the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver. The area extends from W 38th Ave in the south to W 48th Ave in the north. To the east is Road No. 287 and Sheridan Boulevard to the west. We love going out to the Oriental Theater in Berkeley and drinking coffee at the Allegro. In 2020, only one criminal case left the neighborhood at the top of the list of safe areas to live in in Denver.

Link to map

Washington Park, Denver, CO

Washington park


It is very tempting to live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States, in my opinion. The Washington Park neighborhood is a lovely place to live and raise children. Many parks and sports facilities are scattered throughout the area. Families and gymnasts come to Lake Smith to enjoy kayaking. The neighborhood extends from S Valley Hwy in the south to E Alameda Ave in the north. East of the neighborhood is S University Blvd to S Downing St in the west. My kids enjoy spending time at the Washington Park Recreation Center, which is open at all hours of the day. There was one crime incident in this neighborhood in 2020. Therefore, the Washington Park neighborhood is at the top of the list of places to move to.

Link to map

Belcaro, Denver, CO

belcaro affluent neighbourhood denver


In the Affluent Belcaro neighborhood, the Cherry Creek River flows. The streets of the neighborhood are rounded and asymmetrical. The south’s neighborhood is bordered on E Mississippi Ave to Cherry Creek S Dr to the north. East, S Colorado Blvd to S University Blvd to the west. My wife takes the kids in the summer to spend time in Bonnie Brae Park or the City of Brest Park; the places are well equipped and comfortable. In 2020 there was a single crime case in this neighborhood. Such a low percentage of crime places the neighborhood among the safest places to live in Denver.

Link to map

Congress Park, Denver, CO

congress park denver


Just north of the Belcaro neighborhood is the Congress Park neighborhood. The neighborhood’s boundaries are from the north on E Colfax Ave to the E 6th Ave Pkwy in the south. To the east, the neighborhood is bordered by Colorado Blvd and to the west by York Street. Close to the neighborhood, you will find the Denver Botanical Gardens, the Municipal Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Art. Only two criminal cases in 2021 occurred in the neighborhood. This leaves the neighborhood leading in crime prevention by hundreds of percent less than other neighborhoods in Denver.

Link to map

Worst neighborhoods in Denver.

worst neighborhoods


So far, we have surveyed the neighborhoods where you will want to live. But there are places you will not want to move house to live there. These neighborhoods have some of the highest crime rates in Denver. In these neighborhoods, you will not be able to walk around freely during the hours of darkness, nor will you prefer to send your child to the educational institutions in the area.


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