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Long Distance Moving Companies Parker, CO

moving services parker coWhile you may have hired a moving company for local moving, long-distance moving is a lot of work.

You want to hire a moving company with years of moving experience, moving services near you, an experienced moving team, and come highly recommended to get a stress-free move.

Colorado moving services abound, and you want to ensure you hire the best movers in Parker.

best moving companies
Ready to move? You deserve only the best movers to help you on your way!

how to plan your moveAmong Parker movers, a lot will do only a local move, and you have to be careful when looking at long-distance moving companies for your next move.

You want to find the Parker moving company that provides excellent service for long-distance moving that has all the tools you need for a successful move, whether you’re in Parker, Colorado Springs, or Denver, CO.

best movers parkerFinding the Best Moving Company for Your Long Distance Move

When you look at Parker moving companies for your long-distance journey, your best bet is to hire a full-service moving company and local movers.

What are the full services offered? Look for these things whether you’re moving your home or want commercial moving.

It pays to be careful: in the moving industry, there are plenty of scam movers that will show up with a truck, but they can’t really meet your moving needs, and often your items show up broken or destroyed if they show up at all.

Corporate Relocation
Commercial Moving Services in Parker, CO

They may seem like great guys, but not only do they lack moving experience, they aren’t fully licensed, aren’t professional, can’t handle last-minute requests or moves, and are far from efficient.

Some of these long-distance moving companies claim they can do your move at a low cost and give you a low free estimate.

long distance move to parker coBut once you get to your destination after leaving Parker, CO, that free estimate is thrown out the window, and the cost just doubled.

Here’s what to look for in long-distance moving companies in Parker, CO, and the entire Denver area.

dot numberDoes the long-distance moving company have a DOT number?

Reputable, professional movers in Parker, Colorado, and elsewhere have a US DOT number.

When a mover in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Parker, CO, has a USDOT number, that means the moving company is registered with the United States Department of Transportation and is legally allowed to provide moving services across state lines.

If the company doesn’t have a DOT number, even if they offer free estimates and a low cost, you should take a pass and get free estimates from a different company that is properly licensed.

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Schedule a Move In Parker, CO

local movers parkerA local moving license doesn’t mean Parker movers can move long distance

Remember, just because a Parker, CO, moving business can provide local moving services, it doesn’t mean they are a business licensed to make long-distance moves.

ask a moving copmanyWhat Colorado moving services does the moving company offer?

It’s important to note that a long-distance move is different from local moving.

While some of the moving process is the same, you’ll want to ensure that the moving companies in Parker, CO, you contact can do a great job.

This means having a professional moving team that is efficient, hard-working, offers friendly service, and has a business that is licensed for long-distance moves as well as local moves.

Look for these services when you’re moving from S Parker Rd, Forest Keep Cir, Ashgrove Way, or elsewhere in Parker.

packing services parker coPacking services

No one likes to pack, so look for full-service movers in Denver that offer a packing service. Your move will be less stressful, with the advantages professional packing offers.

When you use these services, your items are packed by a hard-working team that knows the special consideration the long-distance moving process requires and everything that can happen as a truck moves across the country.

packing and crating parker coAmong movers in Parker, there are those in business who provide excellent service and do packing, which means your items arrive in excellent condition after they leave Parker, Colorado.

Don’t leave your packing to chance in Parker, CO. Hire movers that offer services, so your prized possessions aren’t damaged by your less-than-professional packing skills.

short notice movers parkerA Moving company that can do short-notice moves

The moving company you choose among the many local moving companies should be able to accommodate a short-notice move in Parker, Colorado, Denver, etc., even when it’s across the country.

last minute moving copmanyLast-minute moves happen, and you want to deal with moving companies that offer movers services that meet your needs with a team that can get the job done efficiently and offers the services you need, no matter how fast you have to move.

long distance movers parker co
Same Day Moving Services in Parker, CO

storage facility parker coDo you have items in a storage facility?

Some moving companies in Denver, CO, don’t like picking up items from storage facilities and will charge extra.

Or, if they do pick up from your storage unit, they leave a mess behind, so you want to ensure that when you get quotes from moving companies in Parker that they will provide cleaning services.

white glove service laborDo they offer labor services?

It may be that you decide to rent your own truck in Denver, CO, and only want movers that provide a team to do the job of packing, loading, and unloading.

Some movers are in business only to do full-service moves and don’t offer this type of service.

professional movers parkerSo, you want to find movers that offer a professional team that can get down to business and do the job efficiently, even if you aren’t using their truck, so you can get on your way to your new location.


online reviews

Finding a Highly Recommended Moving Company

With the internet, it’s easy to find a highly recommended moving company that offers the level of service you expect and will do a fantastic job.

great moving reviews parker coCheck Google reviews

There’s nothing like personal recommendations. A moving company in Denver that has bad reviews isn’t one you would want to do the job.

But when you’re looking at Parker movers customers’ reviews, look for details, not just someone saying they did a good job.

level of moving services parkerWhat is the level of service? How did their price compare with other movers?

Also, look for recent move reviews from customers. If someone left Denver five years ago, personnel change, and current customers might not get the same level of service.

If a company has no reviews or little or no online presence, that’s a big red flag.

moving checklist parkerHave a checklist and ask questions

When it’s time to leave Denver, you want to make sure you’re getting the best movers, the best job, and the best service.

You don’t want a company that can’t meet your needs or is working as a moving scam.

So here are some questions customers should ask movers to make sure they are hiring the right team for the job.

licensed insured moversDoes your company have the proper licenses?

Long-distance movers must have an active USDOT and MC number from the FMCSA to operate state-to-state moves.

moving experience parkerHow long have you been A Mover? Can you provide recommendations?

Companies new on the scene can be dependable and provide good service, but movers that have been in business for a while are the ones with lots of experience and plenty of reviews that you can find online.

It is always smart to read testimonials and reviews to get the real picture of their moving service and how they deal with customer issues, like damaged items or things that go missing.

moving insurance parker coWhat insurance can I purchase?

Accidents can happen, even with great movers. That’s why it is essential that the movers you select are insured and have the right level of protection available.

The liability protection you get when you sign a moving contract is usually 60 cents per lb. per item.

This usually won’t pay to replace high-value items. When shipping items of value, purchase a higher level of insurance, either from your mover or find a third-party provider.

Ask movers for a complete breakdown of insurance coverage so that you know the difference and exactly what you’re purchasing.

moving packing services
Preparing your belongings for long-distance relocation

available moving services parkerDo you have packing services available?

Your long-distance movers should offer packing services. When you don’t want to deal with or can’t handle the packing, make sure you ask about the packing services they offer and their cost.

written moving estimateCan you give me a written estimate when you are on-site?

Reputable movers in Denver should be able to give you an estimate when they are either on-site or do the inspection via a video call. Do not accept a quote provided over the phone or by email unless they have seen what you are moving.

These quotes are unreliable, and you will likely find yourself paying extra charges when your items are delivered.

It’s a two-way street: point out things that might make the move challenging, such as stairs with tight turns or things that are oddly shaped.

video walk-through When there is a video survey, try to give an accurate weight estimate. Also, talk to your movers: what did they base their quote on when it comes to the total weight of the shipment?

If you add items to your move, call your local movers in advance for an updated moving quote, so you don’t get any surprises. Make sure your written estimate includes:

  • The company name, address, and phone number
  • An estimate of the charges
  • Payment methods for all steps of the process
  • The moving dates (including the delivery date)
  • The date the estimate was signed
avoid moving scams parkerAvoid scams:

Moving quotes are based on either weight (lb) or cubic feet (CF). Both are acceptable in the moving industry.

But when someone comes to your home and takes a good look at what you are moving before giving you an estimate, you can likely trust that team.

inventory in parker coWill you inventory what I’m moving?

How does the company determine the price on your estimate? Make sure they inventory every box as well as your belongings. The inventory should include all the important characteristics of your belongings.

protect your belongingsProtect yourself

Even if the Denver moving company provides an inventory, take the time to create an inventory of your own, take photographs, and add details.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your boxes, so you have photographic or video evidence of their condition if something gets damaged.

extra moving services parkerWhich services are “extra,” and what is the cost?

Sometimes movers will add charges.

Don’t sign that contract before you ask if there are any extra charges and where they apply. You don’t want to be shocked by unexpected expenses.

You can eliminate as many additional charges as possible by doing things like reserving a parking space for the semi-truck and making sure everything is ready to move.

cancel your moving What if I have to cancel?

This is always a good thing to ask Denver movers. When is a deposit refundable, and how much? How much notice would you need to give to either cancel or reschedule to get a refund? How much will you be refunded for cancellation or rescheduling if it’s the company’s fault?

packing restrictionsAre there restrictions on how I pack or box types?

Some movers will only load your boxes if they are in good shape when they are picked up. Boxes offer less protection when they are used over and over again, and a flimsy box can mean your belongings face more risk of damage.

Just in case, look for one that provides packing supplies for a cost. Supplies may be included, depending on the level of service you select.

long distance moving durationHow long will my move take?

Cross-country moves naturally take longer than if you were moving locally in Denver. Be sure to get your new place ready in time.

Most movers can’t guarantee or will guarantee delivery for an extra fee. If the movers can’t give a clue about how long things are going to take, you’ll be better off choosing another moving company.

packing services parker co
Moving FAQs

pay for moving servicesHow can I pay for my move?

If a moving company accepts only cash, that’s a huge clue that you should pick another. Businesses you can trust take all sorts of payment.

Before you choose, about paying your deposit: when it’s due, how much, and how much you will have to pay when your stuff is delivered.

damaged moveWhat if my items are damaged, or I have a complaint?

You always hope everything arrives in good condition, is handled properly, and is delivered on time.

But things happen, so it’s always a good idea to ask what happens when there’s an issue or a complaint. The company should have a policy for such circumstances.

If they can’t or won’t give you details of the damage or complaint process, look elsewhere.

spot a moving scamSpotting moving scams

A long-distance move is a big deal, and you want it to be as stress-free as possible.

Any move can be overwhelming, and figuring out how to choose the right mover can be overwhelming.

This makes it especially important to find a reliable long-distance mover.

In addition to asking the questions above, pay attention to the following to avoid being scammed.

moving deposit parker coYou pay a deposit, but the movers never show up

The simplest scam involves you getting a quote and paying a deposit, but on moving day, no one shows up.

Or, when a mover quotes a price based on weight, after loading, they tell you that your belongings are over the weight estimate and so you’ll have to pay more.

moving ransomThey hold your stuff for ransom

Possibly the most heart-wrenching scam is this:

The movers quote a price, get there at the agreed arrival time, and load your belongings. But then the truck doesn’t show up at your new home.

Your belongings are either gone forever or are held hostage until you pay more money to have them delivered.

fly by night iconWatch for signs the movers are “fly-by-night”

Avoid moving companies with no address or information about licensing or insurance.

Another red flag is if the phone is answered with “movers” or something else generic instead of the moving company name.

Also, be wary if the mover uses rented trucks, doesn’t do an onsight inspection, and does an estimate over the phone.

written estimate moving

moving contract parkerMake sure everything is in writing

Get a written contract and read all the terms and conditions and the limits of liability.

Keep an eye out for any disclaimers of responsibility.

Pickup and delivery dates should be specified, and how the rate is being calculated should be clearly spelled out.

Never pay cash, don’t prepay, and don’t make a large deposit–it should never be more than 25% of the final price.

Make sure you understand all the terms of insurance coverage.

moving questionsMost importantly: Ask Questions

Long-distance moves are not cheap. There’s no such thing as too many questions; you must understand all the ins and outs.

If the movers either can’t or won’t answer your questions, it’s time to look for another mover.

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Parker is a municipality located in Douglas County, Colorado. Parker is the second-most densely populated area in the county, after Castle Rock.

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The area is ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. There are also various mountains and ski resorts for people to enjoy recreational activities.

Additionally, Denver is a neighboring city where people can enjoy the wide-open spaces and sense community. Does this sound like an area you would like to live in? DTC Movers is one of the best-rated cross-country moving companies in the area and can help you move into your ideal property. We are one of the cheapest cross-country movers and can assist you with all your moving needs!

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