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castle rock moversThe time has come for you to plan your long-distance move, and you are ready to find a fantastic company in the Castle Rock, CO area. The dream is always to plan a stress-free move. Unfortunately, that is only sometimes the case.

At DTC Movers in Castle Rock, Colorado, our top priority is assuring your cross-country move is as easy, straightforward, and worry-free as possible.

eleven moving tips11 Tips to Plan Your Long-Distance Move

Look to friends and family for referrals

The best way to find affordable Castle Rock movers is to ask friends and family for assistance. Ask loved ones who have recently worked with moving companies in Castle Rock, Colorado, about their experience. Did the moving company offer excellent service? Did they feel confident throughout the entire moving process?

Whether you are planning a local move or require interstate services, the people in your life are the ideal source of information on relocation services.

kids and moving

kids in castle rockHelp your kids understand the moving process

Often, the most challenging aspect of moving can be relocating with children. If you have younger children, take the time to tour your new home and their new school. Make sure that your kids are a part of the entire process, from start to finish.

For older kids and teenagers, allow them to spend plenty of time with their friends before the move. Throw a going away party to let your kids say goodbye to family, friends, neighbors, and teachers.

homeworkDo your homework

It might sound cliche, but the best way to find a reputable moving company in Castle Rock, Colorado, is to hop online to do your research. Look at popular online review websites to find a moving company that offers excellent service, is available in your service area, and offers fair pricing.

moving company in castle rock
Castle Rock Moving Companies

free moving quoteObtain at least three free quotes

Once you have narrowed your options for reputable Castle Rock movers, obtain at least three free estimates. The free estimate or free quote should include the following:

  • The estimated overall cost of the move.
  • A breakdown of all their services.
  • An approximate moving date.

If the free estimate provided by one of the Castle Rock moving companies is far lower than the others, it could be a sign that this company will not offer quality services. Instead, choose a Castle Rock moving company with an excellent reputation, an affordable price, and all the services you require, including packing and junk removal services.

free moving quote image
Get At Least 3 Different Moving Quotes.

ask a moving copmanyAsk to tour their facilities

In many instances, you will not visit the home office or facilities of your Castle Rock, CO, moving company. This is because a representative of the moving company will visit your home to perform an assessment and provide a quote. All other business, including discussing your moving needs, is typically done online or over the phone.

Don’t hesitate to ask the moving business for a tour of their offices and facilities. This allows you to look over each moving truck, meet the crew, and ensure you work with a reputable provider.

moving trucks in castle rock co

planning your move to castle rock coStart planning at least three months in advance

Typically, it will take at least three months to find the best movers in your zip code, plan the entire moving project, and pack and prepare your new house for the arrival of the moving trucks. Give yourself at least this amount of time to ensure that you have the time to pack up your entire house and relocate all of your belongings.

full moving services in greater denverLook for a full-service moving company in Castle Rock, CO

Time is a precious commodity; if you are like most busy parents and professionals, you need more time to sort through an entire household and pack up all your belongings. Look for a moving company in Castle Rock that offers a wide variety of moving services.

For example, consider Castle Rock moving companies that will perform all the heavy lifting, from packing to loading and unloading, at your new property.

find the moving company that fits you Research long-distance moving companies in your area

Do your homework to find a reputable Castle Rock moving provider. The moving company must be licensed through the US Department of Transportation and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in Colorado licensed through the US Department of Transportation and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

researching best movers

differences between moving companies and brokersUnderstand the difference between local and long-distance moves

In addition to the distance traveled and overall cost, there are several differences between long-distance and local moves. For example, most long-distance movers charge by the mile, weight of your belongings, and cubic feet of your household.

Local movers typically charge by the hour simply because this is the easiest way for movers to provide a detailed, accurate bill to their clients.

storage solutionsDo I need a storage unit?

Unfortunately, moving is not always a straightforward process, meaning that there are many times you will need to rent a temporary storage unit. One great way to save money on your moving costs is to work with a Castle Rock moving company that either provides temporary storage or works with a storage facility in the area.

no hidden feesWatch out for unexpected fees when creating a budget

Creating a realistic budget for your Castle Rock relocation is critical. In addition to the actual cost of getting all of your stuff from point A to point B, there are other potential fees you should know about.

no hidden fees movers

For example, if your home has a third floor and the movers must lug boxes down several flights of stairs, you will be charged extra. If a detailed inventory of your belongings is not taken, and you require an additional rental truck to complete the relocation, you will also be charged an additional fee.

Make sure that any long-distance or local moving company is transparent and upfront about any hidden costs or unexpected fees that might occur throughout the moving process.

what to look in in moversWhat To Look for In an Amazing Long-Distance Moving Company

With all the options available in the Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Greenwood Village, and Castle Pines service areas, it can seem almost impossible to find the right full-service professional movers for your family and needs.

established movers castle rock coLook for an established company in your service area

In addition to finding a moving service within your budget, always look for an established company in Castle Rock with years of experience. Your movers should offer both a binding and non-binding estimate and be completely transparent about their services and pricing.

your house moving cost saveMake sure the company’s prices are reasonable

At DTC movers, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job at a reasonable price. Our moving team will be completely upfront and honest about our pricing, and you will never be stuck with a bill filled with hidden fees at the end of your long-distance move.

affordable movers near castle rock

dtc same day serviceGive DTC Movers in Castle Rock A Call!

If you are ready to plan a long-distance or interstate move and want to hire the best in the Castle Rock area, look no further than DTC Movers! We offer comprehensive moving services to both residential and commercial customers, whether you are moving across town, across the state, or even to another country.

white glove seviceA white glove moving company you can rely on

Many movers offer “white glove” services but are unsure what this means. At DTC Movers, choosing our white glove services means that you do not have to lift a finger to relocate from your Castle Rock home. Our hard workers will do everything for you, from packing up all your belongings to loading the truck, unloading the truck, and, if necessary, moving some of your stuff into temporary storage.

All you will need to do is show up at your new house and begin enjoying your beautiful new life!

Services we offer

In addition to exceptional long-distance assistance, the professional movers at DTC Movers offer a wide variety of other services, including:

local moves denver

Local moving services

Want to find a local Castle Rock moving provider that offers affordable pricing? DTC Movers can help you relocate to a new home within a 50-to-100-mile radius of your current location.

Like other local moving companies, DTC Movers charges by the hour, and the overall cost of your local move will depend on the size of your household and the size of the crew.

international moving

International moving services

Unlike many professional moving services, including several local Castle Rock movers, DTC Movers offers international moving services. Moving to Canada, Mexico, Italy, or even Japan can be logistically tricky, which is why you should always leave this task to professional moving companies with the skills and knowledge available to handle this task.

Moving across the globe is tricky, especially if you are relocating furniture and other large pieces. Instead of working with multiple moving companies specializing in each aspect of an international move, give DTC Movers a call.

At DTC movers, we can help you coordinate your international move, including ensuring your car, truck, large furniture, and even a piano arrive on time and in great shape. If you need temporary storage during your international move, we can also help with that.

professional packing
Crating For International Moving

Packing supplies

Want to find a great value on moving boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap? At DTC Movers, we can help ensure that you have everything you need to prepare your belongings for when the movers arrive.

Don’t want to take on the monumental task of packing? We cover packing services for any local or long-distance move, as well!

residential moving companyResidential and commercial local and long-disance services

If you are a homeowner or a proud business owner, we can help. We offer services to both residential and commercial customers. Whether you need to relocate a small, home-based business or must move all the furniture and equipment from your multi-level office building, we can provide you with a fair price for all of your residential and commercial needs.

Here Is What Our Amazing Customers Have Been Saying About DTC Movers!

deb raThe best local movers in the Lone Tree area!

“I was moving from Manitou Springs to Lone Tree and needed a local moving company that could handle everything, from packing to storage and unloading. Fischer Van Lines was too expensive, and Clock Movers were very expensive and completely unavailable. That is why I called DTC Movers. The team arrived on time and did a great job getting my stuff to my beautiful new Manitou Springs house!”

jim workoutI needed to move from Highlands Ranch to Colorado Springs

“After getting the job of my dreams and getting married in the same year, I needed a moving company that I could trust to get all of my and my new husband’s stuff to Colorado Springs from Highlands Ranch. My husband wanted to use his own truck, and I got a referral to Elite Movers. Unfortunately, they weren’t available and were way too expensive. I called DTC Movers, and I am very happy that I did because they are an amazing company!

heidi bIf you need packing services, call DTC movers!

“This is my first moving experience, and I was unsure where to begin and how to find a great company that would offer moving services. I knew I needed a lot of help, including help packing my massive vinyl record collection. I called Homegrown Moving Company, but their packing services were way too expensive. I got a hold of DTC Movers. Their quote was amazing, and their services were outstanding. None of my records were damaged, and I am so pleased!”

john fI don’t like moving, but DTC Movers made it fun

“No one likes to move, and I am really not a fan of all the packing, unloading, and loading of boxes. I wanted a moving company that could do it all. A friend told me about a “white glove” moving service, and I was sold. DTC Movers is a true white glove moving company that took all the hassle out of relocating.”

liz dThe best moving company in the castle rock area!

“If you are looking for a professional moving company in Colorado, look no further than DTC Movers! I have worked with other companies in the past, and I was always stuck with a bill at the end that was far higher than I was originally quoted. DTC Movers was very upfront about the pricing, and I am very pleased to say that the whole process was easy!”

gregory nThe right moving company if you want to plan an international relocation

“I was moving from central Colorado to Canada, needed the right moving company, and did not want to hire a rental truck. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to find international moving companies in the Denver Metro area. Luckily, a friend suggested DTC Movers. The team helped me understand the ins and outs of moving out of the United States and helped me every step of the way with their great service!”

About Castle Rock, CO

Studies have shown that Castle Rock is the sixth-best place to live in Colorado. The reasons for this high ranking include:
The fast commute time.
Low unemployment and crime rates.
High education levels.
Good income opportunities.
Home values.
The welcoming population is found in Castle Rock.

Consequently, many residents find it an excellent place to live, and people commonly move there. That is why long-distance moving companies are always needed. If you are looking to move to Castle Rock, CO, we are the best choice as we are known for being the best and cheapest cross country movers around town.

Picture of No Surprises!
No Surprises!

Call us today to schedule a free in-home or virtual walkthrough for your next long distance move. Avoid any surprises!

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