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Would You Consider Moving from Denver to Boise, ID?

About DTC Movers

Here at DTC’s Affordable Movers in Denver, we are a locally owned and operated Denver business that has spent several years now cultivating a team of experienced, efficient, and certified specialists. Between our highly-qualified team and enduring mantra to deliver the best moving experience for you and your family that we possibly can, we here at DTC Movers have become one of the most highly recommended long-distance moving companies in the Denver area.

At DTC Movers, we are certified and prepared to assist with any of your residential, local, long-distance, or commercial moving requirements.

At DTC Movers, we aim to provide the best service exclusively for you and your family when it comes to local, interstate, and even international moving services. We pride ourselves on making your move as smooth, easy, and simple of a process as we possibly can. Because when you’re moving, you’ve already got enough on your plate without an incompetent moving company adding more stress.

So if you are considering moving from Denver, CO, to Boise, ID, one of the most common moves we here at DTC perform, call us today at (720) 370-2707, and let us take all of your worries away!

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DTC is a full service mover thats fully committed to making your long distance move as smooth as possible

Moving from Denver to Boise: Movers and Cost

Moving from Denver to the Boise area to begin your new life in a new city can cost anywhere between $2,900 to $12,500, depending almost entirely on how much you plan on taking. Moving from Colorado to Idaho is an interstate move, which does require you to hire an interstate-certified moving team who can legally perform such a task, which almost always means higher rates.

Similarly, the more you want to move, the more expensive the process can become. Some moving companies will nickel-and-dime you for every cent they can, especially if your move requires additional services.

Thus, the cost of hiring a moving company, renting moving containers, and renting a mover can vary greatly depending on how much you are moving and what moving company you sign with.

DTC Free Estimate

At DTC, we provide free estimates and quotes, giving you firsthand knowledge of exactly how much you’ll be paying for our moving services, and never spring any hidden or additional fees on you at the last minute. At DTC, we are here to work for you and with you to get that price as low as possible so that you can enjoy your move to this new city rather than stress about how much money it costs.

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Cost of Living change

The cost of living in Boise is 15.9% lower than in Denver, CO.

Boise vs. Denver Cost of Living

Even when compared to the national average, Boise’s prices and cost of living are lower than most surrounding communities, such as Salt Lake City. The cost of living in Boise, ID, is 8% lower than the national average overall.

Furthermore, the sales taxes in Boise are 2.81% lower than in Denver, CO. Also, rent prices in Boise, ID, are substantially cheaper than they are in Denver, CO. In Denver, CO, the median rent price is $2,550 per month, which can get even steeper in the downtown area. Conversely, Boise’s median rent price is $1,797 per month.

So in just about every way, the cost-efficient prices make Boise a welcome alternative to not just Denver but also many other cities in the United States.

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Boise, ID, is One of America’s Best Places for Millennials

Thanks to these cost-efficient prices and other factors, such as Boise’s public transportation system, the city has become a veritable hot spot for young professionals looking for a new city to live in.

It is one of the few cities in the country that provides residents with such a unique work-life balance. It is a walkable city with easy transportation that offers many outdoor activities to keep you and your family entertained on many bright, sunny days. All of this has made Boise, ID, a wonderful spot for new families and businesses, especially as its job market continues to grow.

tech sector jobs

Boise vs. Denver Job Opportunities

As for employment, the two cities offer vast possibilities for individuals looking to kick off their own startup or business venture.

In just the past year, Boise has seen rapid expansion in both its population and industry. The growth in the technology sector (primarily created by companies from Silicon Valley looking for more cost-efficient homes) has created an array of new job possibilities for those interested in learning something new and putting their existing skills to good use. This has resulted in a surge of job availability in the city and also a wealth of high-income roles.

The average income salary in the ‘City of Trees’ is $87,496 per year or about $24 per hour.

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Who Are The Best Denver to Boise Movers?

When you’re preparing to make a move from Denver to Boise and juggling all the different questions that come with relocating, like storage, housing, gas expenditures, neighborhoods, crime rates for each location, and more, you deserve a moving company that will put you first and works in harmony with you to make things simpler. That’s why our team at DTC Movers is the clear answer to your moving needs.

Our cross-country long-distance movers from Denver have decades of combined experience under their belts and have serviced each and every one of the 50 states. From the Rocky Mountains to Treasure Valley, our team at DTC delivers at the same standard no matter where you’re moving to.

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Boise – Office Moving – Corporate Relocation

The combination of its comparatively low taxes, great weather, and a plethora of exciting food options makes Boise a common destination for businesses to relocate to. As mentioned earlier, it’s one of the few cities in the United States that offers such a mix of affordability for offices and walkability for its workers’ mental and physical health.

DTC also specializes in corporate relocation services and has moved many businesses into their new Boise location with great success and to great acclaim.

public transport

Boise’s Public Transportation Options for Residents

Idaho has a strong ecological and economic future. The Boise energy conservation industry has many practical solutions to which the community remains steadfastly committed, as the city’s population is constantly engaged in green efforts.

Through programs including the decade-in-the-making Dixie Drain project and city-wide compost centers, Boise focuses on environmental sustainability daily. This very much carries over into the city’s transport systems, as there are numerous options, from comprehensive bus routes to walkable spaces and more, that are a welcome advantage that helps to cut down on air pollution and carbon emissions.

Are There Any Good Recreational Opportunities in or Near Boise, ID?

What the Boise area may lack in terms of not having a major professional sports team, it more than makes up for alternative outdoor activities. The lack of professional sports teams does mean that sports at the collegiate and high school levels are much more heavily attended. Boise boasts many great restaurants and entertainment venues, and there are also nearby trails for walking or cycling nearby. Simultaneously, there are numerous accessible outdoor activities that are very popular such as rock climbing, parks-going, and more.

Boise Has Entertainment Attractions for People of all Ages

There are numerous parks in Boise, which have become a source of great entertainment and pride for many residents. Such as:

  • Ann Morrison Park
  • Antelope Bitterbrush Reserve
  • Archery Range
  • Baggley Park
  • C.W. Moore Park
  • Boise River Greenbelt

The Pacific Northwest City Has Many Affordable Neighborhoods

Finding your family’s new neighborhood can be challenging when trying to relocate. Thankfully, Boise, ID, offers numerous excellent choices with great discounts for singles and families. These suburban areas are welcoming and cost-efficient and are a huge part of what has made Boise, ID, such a popular choice for millennials.

saving money boise id
Understandably, many of your questions will revolve around finance. Fortunately, when it comes to Boise ID, you will save easily!

What People Ask Before Moving to Boise

How much does internet cost in Boise, ID?

The most cost-efficient option for internet in Boise begins at $29.99 per month, which is a full ten dollars less per month than the equivalent plan in Denver, CO.

How much does child care cost per month in Boise, Idaho?

On average, child care in Boise costs approximately $6,900 per year. Conversely, in Denver, CO, it is, on average, $18,000 per year. So if you have kids, expect child care to cost substantially less in Boise than in Denver.

Is Boise cheaper than Denver?

Yes. While wages and income are generally lower in Boise than in Denver, it is undeniable that everything from food to transportation to child care to taxes is cheaper in Boise.

Where is it cheaper to live?

It is 20.3% cheaper to live in Idaho than it is to live in Colorado.

Are entertainment and activities in Boise relatively inexpensive?

Yes. Boise, Idaho, is home to many affordable locally-owned restaurants and cost-efficient sources of entertainment and external activities. From its bevy of parks to its walkable downtown area, Boise offers many options for those looking to find enjoyment and luxury at a cost-efficient price.

Even in less-than-ideal weather situations, there are still plenty of cost-efficient entertainment options to explore throughout Boise, Idaho, for families looking to maintain a sense of fun and adventure.

Moving from Denver to Boise

If you are looking for a reliable long-distance moving company with an excellent track record to perform full-service moving for you and your family as you embark on your new journey from Denver, CO, to Boise, Idaho, look no further than DTC Movers.

Our team will do everything they can to make your move to residential Idaho as painless and easy as possible by providing services that help you navigate traffic, transport, location, living conditions, and more.

Don’t wait; call DTC Movers at (720) 370-2707 today!

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