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The Impact of Climate Change on Relocation Decisions

packing boxIn the past, people moved for a new job, a change of scenery, or to find a safe place to raise a family.

Over the last two years, another primary reason for a sudden or unexpected relocation has become more and more prevalent: climate change.

A reported 64% of Americans surveyed stated recent changes in weather patterns, natural disasters, and climate change as the main reasons for hiring moving services.

If you are moving to find a sense of calm and peace away from the threat of fires, hurricanes, and other disasters, DTC Movers can provide you with cross-country moving tips and effective packing strategies for long-distance moves.

Here is more information about how our ever-changing climate is impacting the moving industry and a list of some of the most climate-resilient places to call home and other cities to avoid:

moving due to climate change

moving ransomHiring a Long-Distance Moving Company: Why Climate Change Impacts Moving Decisions

Over the last five years and across the country, Americans have lived through a bonafide pandemic, hurricanes, droughts, intense wildfires, and so many other events that have shaped how and where we live.

extreme hot weather relocation

The Extreme Heat Is Sending People to Mild Coastal Areas

From New Orleans to Abilene, San Antonio, and Miami, dozens of cities have reached new record-high temperatures over the last two to three years.

The dry heat is brutal and sending many residents of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, and other states searching for cooler temperatures and their dream home in a new destination.

If you are leaving Denver in search of cooler coastal temperatures, such as those found in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, or Santa Barbara, CA, here is your definitive guide to leaving Colorado!

relocation due to hurricane

Hurricanes and the Impact on Florida’s Housing Market

Hurricanes caused an estimated $36.1 billion in property damage between 2017 and 2021, and Florida took the brunt of the devastation.

In addition to hurricanes, Floridians must deal with the unrelenting heat, high humidity, and, of course, one of the state birds of the Sunshine State: mosquitoes.

Florida is a fun place to explore, but if you own real estate, you will often notice a sharp decline in property values following a natural disaster, which is why many people are moving across state lines to enjoy more favorable weather.

Want to live in a more climate-resilient area or state far away from Florida’s heat and humidity? Here is a guide to moving to Virginia or moving to Boise!

moving out of arizona fires

West Coast and Arizona Fires and Flooding Are Sending People to the Midwest

People on the West and East Coast, namely Oregon, New York state, and Arizona, are selling their homes and contacting a long-distance moving company to plan an interstate move to the Midwest.

Why? Because of record-breaking flooding, out-of-control wildfires, and excessive heat in all these regions.

If you are considering relocating to Michigan or any other top U.S. relocation destinations, call the pros at DTC Movers!

moving out of hot areas

long distance move to parker coIs it Time to Move Out of State? Cities Most Greatly Impacted by Climate Change in the United States

The term “climate migration” isn’t new because early humans and other species of animals have been relocating in search of resources and a more favorable environment for centuries.

Now, instead of moving to affordable U.S. cities, more and more Americans are hiring moving services to escape inclement weather patterns and natural disasters.

from colorado to houston

How Climate Impacts Houston, TX

With almost three million citizens, Houston is the biggest metro area in Texas, but people are leaving because of the high real estate prices or crime rates.

Instead, several record high temps have been recorded in Houston over the last few years, and this, combined with the recent flooding, has sent many people searching for a new location that’s more favorable.

Dallas is a more favorable location in the Lone Star State, and DTC Movers can help you plan for move-in day and a successful relocation if you are moving from Denver to Dallas.

miami climate change relocation

Planning a Successful Move Out of Miami, FL

According to Resources for the Future, Miami, FL, is the most vulnerable coastal city, and the region is expected to experience record flooding that will impact 300,00 homes and roughly 2,500 miles of Miami roads.

Without serious legislation, climate change will adversely impact millions of Miami residents.

If you are unwilling to wait for federal laws to change, gather up your household goods now and call a reputable moving company in the area.

move from colorado to new orleans

inventory in parker coRelocating to a Different State from New Orleans, LA

Although Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Big Easy in 2005, the memory of the disaster’s devastation is not something residents will soon forget.

Rising water temperatures around the tip of Louisiana will inevitably cause more hurricanes, leaving residents of the area very vulnerable to damage caused by flooding and high winds.

The solution is to contact at least three moving companies and receive free quotes before packing up the moving truck and crossing the state line into Arkansas, where the weather is more favorable.

climate Resilient faq

Interstate Moving Is in Your Future: American Cities That Are the Most Climate Resilient

Modern long-distance moves are based on several factors, but for more and more people, climate change is at the top of the list.

Here are three beautiful cities that are amongst the most climate resilient through 2050, and one might seem a little familiar:

denver moving services

Staying Put with Your Belongings in Denver, CO!

Living in Denver, you already know the perks of calling the Mile High City home, from the excellent public transportation to the several notable Denver-based companies that pay their employees well and care about environmental initiatives.

Denver’s location makes it ideally impervious to natural disasters – Aside from the occasional tornado, Denver residents don’t need to worry about the dangers posed by other natural disasters, including hurricanes.

If you want to convince your mom, best friend, or cousin to purchase a new home in Denver, share this Denver city guide for new residents with them!

from colorado to utha movers

homeworkPlanning a Stress-Free Move to Salt Lake City, UT

When it comes to major cities on the cutting edge of renewable energy sources, most people don’t think about Salt Lake City!

However, if you want to live in a sustainable town with a historically low incidence of natural disasters and a progressive local government, pack up and move to a new state, Utah!

If this is your first time moving, check out this first-time mover’s preparation guide!

colorado to raleigh nc move

Packing and Hiring Moving Services Before Relocating to Raleigh, NC

You’ve researched and picked a moving date for your relocation to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh provides excellent access to a burgeoning job market, lower home prices, and a city preparing itself for the dangers posed by climate change.

In addition to being ideally situated in a portion of the United States that rarely suffers natural disasters, recent regulations prepare the area and its residents to flourish despite the country’s dependence on nonrenewable resources.

Raleigh is a great place to live, and if you want to save money without sacrificing the ability to plan a successful move, here is a helpful guide for the entire process: Step-by-Step Moving Process Explained.

residential moving company near me
Home Movers Near me

Ready to Hire Long Distance Movers?

Contact DTC Movers For a Free Quote on state-to-state and Local Moves!

Whether you are moving in the same state or across the country, the team at DTC Movers has the right equipment, know-how, and experience to get you quickly and safely from point A to point B!

When you work with our fantastic staff, you can expect an unmatched level of excellence, from the initial free quote to moving day.

Whether you are relocating to Pennsylvania or want to read our Denver to San Diego moving guide, you can, amongst other things, expect the same level of service and care.

transit timline

Interstate Movers Who Can Work Within Your Moving Budget

Want help identifying quality movers?

One thing to look for is a company that offers you a free, no-obligation quote on all their services and helps you create a realistic moving budget that allows you to safely and confidently enjoy your new life in your new hometown.

customer satisfaciton

Our Customers Ask

How many people will have to relocate because of climate change?

Over the next several years, millions of people will be forced to move due to climate change, and their homes will no longer be safe places to raise a family.

An estimated three million Americans have moved over the last few years because their homes were vulnerable to natural disasters and because local and state governments are unwilling to create legislature to create meaningful climate solutions.

before moving day

What do I need before moving to another state?

Moving to Ohio? Check out this Essential Ohio Moving Guide!

If you are moving to another state, there are several steps you need to take to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, including:

  • Hire a reliable moving company
  • Declutter your home and sell items you no longer need/want
  • Create a moving budget
  • Purchase packing supplies
  • Start packing and prepping for moving day

office movers in louisville co

Embracing New Horizons: The Role of Interstate Moving Companies in Climate-Driven Relocations

As we conclude our exploration of climate change’s impact on relocation decisions, it’s clear that the phenomenon is reshaping how and why people move.

With a significant uptick in climate-related relocations, long-distance movers play a pivotal role in facilitating these transitions.

Companies like DTC Movers are proving to be indispensable allies for those considering an out-of-state move due to climate concerns.

These organizations are not just moving companies; they are lifelines for those seeking a new home in a different state, away from the harsh realities of climate change.

The surge in interstate moving, driven by the desire to escape extreme weather conditions, has highlighted the importance of hiring the right long-distance movers.

long distance movers parker co

These companies are prepared to handle the unique challenges of long-distance moves, ensuring that your journey to a safer, more climate-resilient location is as smooth as possible.

When planning to relocate to a different state, it’s crucial to partner with a mover who understands the complexities of interstate moving.

They can provide invaluable guidance and support, making your transition to a new home less stressful and more efficient.

In summary, as the world grapples with the realities of climate change, more Americans are turning to long-distance movers for assistance in relocating to safer, more stable environments.

Companies like DTC Movers are at the forefront of this trend, offering specialized services for those undertaking interstate moves.

Whether you’re moving to escape the threat of natural disasters or simply seeking a change of scenery, these movers are ready to help you embark on your new journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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