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Clash of the College Towns: Living in Fort Collins Vs. Living in Boulder, CO

The Centennial State is an environment that residents of the Denver metro and surrounding cities have known and thoroughly loved.

Everything from the extensive hiking trails, outdoor recreation opportunities, lovely people and housing with character compliments, excellent schools, and a small-town feel in a reasonably large state makes it difficult to leave.

But taking a closer look at the cities that make Colorado what it is means evaluating two of the most significant college towns – Boulder and Fort Collins.

Almost every moving company in Colorado is familiar with bringing young adults up there in early August to start their careers in higher education.

Still, these towns are more than just places to live because of continued education.

They both offer an excellent place for families to settle in.

Many residents choose to make the trek for their master’s or bachelor’s degree, and even young professionals find unique opportunities in local businesses and start-up companies, but choosing between Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado, can be difficult as both are some of the best places to live!

moving from denver boulder fort collins
When it’s time to leave Denver behind. Fortunately, you’re spoiled for choice with alternative cities to call your new home!

Choosing Your Residency Amongst the Hottest Markets

Denver residents know the housing and real estate market throughout the Mile High City.

While this is something you will see carried throughout Colorado, there are changes and differences from town to town.

Hiring Denver movers to get you to Boulder or Fort Collins means a change in your cost of living against the national average and the overall setting and feeling you experience living there.

Getting out of the city and downtown area offers a nice fresh breath of that Rocky Mountain area, and who knows – one of these cities may just be the most beautiful place for you and your household to land!

relocating to boulder co
Welcome to Boulder CO. Located less than 30 mins drive from Downtown Denver

Settling into Beautiful Boulder County

Boulder, Colorado, is located right on the foothills of the Rockies in Northern Colorado, with the city of Denver only about 30 miles South and Denver International Airport less than an hour away.

Boulder is centrally located between all the best places throughout the Mile High State, and that is something that locals love, aside from the several restaurants, recreation options, and arts and culture scene.

Founded in 1859, Boulder neighborhoods have been on the rise for residents throughout Colorado, and more often than not, local movers are relocating families from Denver and surrounding suburbs to the People’s Republic!

Cost of Living Comparison

Before you search for moving services, evaluate the cost of living in Boulder, the best places or neighborhoods to live in, the price of general necessities, etc.

These are all a part of determining the quality of living for your household.

Most Denver residents are used to a high cost of living.

In the Town of Boulder, you will see similarities but a much more diverse range of rental options, purchasing opportunities, and modes of supporting a renewed lifestyle.

Living in Colorado, people are familiar with higher housing rates than the national average, but Boulder brings new opportunities and a slightly lower price of living.

Rental Options and Homes for Sale

Housing is generally essential when hiring furniture movers and relocating your family.

The apartments for rent and homes for sale can vary depending on whether or not you are looking for single-family homes in the Northern section, which is known for its more upscale and luxurious forms of living.

Still, South Boulder offers affordable and cost-friendly options for singles, students, business professionals, and families alike!

The average cost of a home in Boulder, Colorado, is around $970,000, which is actually trending down from last year, and the typical rental rates on a one-bedroom apartment start at $2,400.

pearl street boulder
Pearl Street is one of Boulder’s most thriving commercial districts

Exploring Pearl Street Mall & Downtown Boulder

Pearl Street is located in the city’s heart and has several restaurants, bookstores, cafes, and shops.

This central downtown area is known as the heart and soul of the city, with pedestrian-only walkways for four blocks and continued streets stretching further down towards ‘The Hill’ and North Boulder!

This is the perfect place for families to spend a day in the city, shopping, art lovers, and foodies – professional movers in Denver have seen countless Denverites convert to Boulder citizens overnight because of the fantastic atmosphere, beautiful people, and friendly vibes it gives off.

Infamous City Races and Free Festivals for All

Aside from good food, the fun continues with performances by local musicians on the streets and inside the historic Fox Theatre, the Band on Bricks performances, and the Colorado Music Festival.

But festivals are not all Boulder is known for, and throughout the year, residents are racing to the finish line amidst their fellow Colorodans and even out-of-state visitors.

Group runs take place year-round in Boulder, where people from all over the city meet at the community center to stay training for more giant races like – the Boulder Boulder, Ugly Sweater 5K, Glow Run, Boulderthon, and other various city races.

Being active and remaining in motion seems to be a running trend through the city.

Plus, if you contact local moving companies, they will likely be able to get you there faster than the rest!

Rocky Mountain National Park Offers Excellent Outdoor Recreation Amidst a City in the Foot Hills

Continuing the legacy of enjoying time outdoors, the Rocky Mountains are right outside your back door!

With endless options for biking, hiking, rock climbing, trail running, and so much more – getting outside becomes second nature with this kind of beauty so close to home.

public school boulder co top ranked
Boulder is one of the highest ranked locations in Colorado for quality public schools

Access to High Ranking Public School System

One of the more prominent draws to the Boulder area is the prestigious education options available for primary, secondary, and higher education.

Boulder public schools are amongst the top 3 in Colorado; thus, it is a great place and city to raise your family.

On top of that, they offer alternative school options, private secondary schools, and nonconventional modes of education, which open up a whole new world and environment for students who aren’t thriving under their current circumstances.

Many families enlist reliable movers and packing companies to trek to Boulder in search of this educational environment.

No matter where you are looking, you can find the perfect fit there!

The University of Colorado Boulder

We can’t forget the University of Colorado Boulder, where the buffalos roam, and students can explore over 50 major options, 25 minors, and other certificate programs for undergraduates and graduates.

Naropa University is another option in higher education; it is a private university, bringing possibilities for those looking to focus more on the arts, philosophy, religion, psychology, and environmental studies!

lockheed Martin interior
Defence contractor Lockheed Martin is one of the leading employers in Boulder CO

Boulder Has a Thriving Workforce

With over half of the Colorado community boasting a bachelor’s degree and Boulder being a place that prides itself on educating future generations, it is no wonder that the workforce is pushing the boundaries, and people can find opportunities in just about any field you can imagine!

While CU Boulder and the public education system provide employment options, companies like Apple, Lockheed Martin, and Pfizer have also sustained a presence amongst the many other Fortune 500 companies.

Aerospace, science, biotechnologies, and IT have also been rising alongside companies in renewable energies and sustainable products, but don’t forget about the small, local businesses and entrepreneurship.

A Place for Young Professionals but Don’t Discount the Street Performers

Boulder has recently become a place for professionals starting their career journey, and perhaps that is mainly due to all the prestigious universities present within the community, which are creating connections and inspiring many residents to a brighter future.

But, it is also due to the significant presence of innovative possibilities and business opportunities in the area.

Some choose to work in Boulder and commute from towns like Broomfield and Longmont, within 10 miles of downtown.

Before enlisting some of the best moving companies for assistance, don’t discount the street performances on Pearl Street as people travel from all different parts of the country to square off their park of brick to bring joy to those visiting the shops and restaurants on the strip.

eco friendly boulder co
Boulder also ranks high in terms of an eco-friendly atmosphere

One of the Most Environmentally friendly cities in Colorado

One of the more exciting aspects of being a Boulder resident is the chance to be a part of a community more significant than yourself.

In this city, you get to experience all four seasons amidst a beautiful group of people due to their efforts in maintaining the health of that environment.

So, evaluating moving company cost doesn’t seem like such a high priority when you weigh the world’s future on your shoulder – which is much easier to carry with a bit of help.

Becoming Part of the Greenest Cities in CO

The old town of Boulder has chosen to educate residents and make eco-friendly options accessible for everyday living.

It has been broadly and continually recognized by the CDP for the efforts they have put forth and action taken to reduce its carbon footprint.

They have made the top of the list as the greenest cities in America as zero waste efforts, walkability, ride-sharing and public transit accessibility, preservation of land, and open spaces have all been at the forefront of their priorities as a community.

relocating to fort collins co
Fort Collins is about twice as far away from Denver as Boulder but just as appealing. And with a more affordable quality of life!

Moving to Larimer County – The Magical Experience of Fort Collins

In all of CO, Fort Collins is another college town every Denver resident has experienced at one point or another, and it just so happens to be a hot spot for moving companies in Colorado as the population is only increasing.

Fort Collins is also located in the Northern part of Colorado and is only about an hour’s drive from Boulder, DIA, and Denver.

Fort Collins Old Town is a historical site established in 1800 and has long been a place of refuge, solace, and wonder!

Grab Onto a More Sustainable Lifestyle in Foco

Fort Collins is so much more than the rumors of college parties, craft beer, and the ghost stories associated with Carter Lake – it is a community that has come together to promote the well-being of their environment and the people within the neighborhoods.

The Sustainable Living Associated is a leadership program overseeing the past, present, and future of FoCo, encouraging individuals to take their part in their economic impact and pushing towards a form of sustainable living that will increase the lifestyle of everyone who takes up residency there.

Enlisting local and cross-country moving companies is inevitably a part of the relocation process.

Still, things are made a bit easier when moving to Colorado, especially when you land in Fort Collins.

A Small Town Finding Solutions

Fort Collins is a smaller town part of Larimer County, and while it is not a big city, they are making an enormous impact on the world around them.

Locating solutions for waste, recycling, and maintaining focus on being another one of the most environmentally friendly communities in the United States!

Interested in hiring packers and movers to relocate to Fort Collins?

DTC Movers is a local, environmentally friendly moving company in Denver focused on the same efforts of minimizing their carbon footprint – and getting residents out to communities like Fort Collins and Boulder, CO.

real estate fort collins
Housing in Fort Collins CO is more affordable than either Denver or Boulder

Fort Collins Real Estate Market is Hot

Housing is one of the most essential parts of life – it is required to successfully thrive within a new community like Fort Collins, and the real estate market presenting Old Town, near Colorado State University and nearby locations, is impressive.

It is not quite as competitive as you see in Denver and Denver’s suburbs, so you won’t have to haul your moving truck rental to get as quickly as possible – but you shouldn’t take your time either!

Housing in a College Town

Historic Old Town is one of the more popular places to live near the university and offers many festivities, live music, good food, and lovely people.

Still, many choose to plant their roots outside of all the happenings.

Either way, hiring reputable moving and storage companies to get you there makes for a hassle-free relocation process, and if you are looking to make your move, be aware of the following:

  • The typical rental rates for a one-bedroom apartment in Fort Collins will run you anywhere from $1900 to $2100, but here, you get more space and bang for your buck compared to the city of Boulder!
  • The approximate price for a home in Fort Collins is around $500,000 – significantly cheaper than Boulder but comparable to the rest of the Mile High City.
tech company employers
Tech companies such as HP and Intel are leading employers in Fort Collins CO

Top Industries to Work For in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins has a healthy job market, and while Colorado State University makes up hundreds of those opportunities, a wide range of options are available depending on your skills and interests.

Education, technology, and Belgium brewing – among other brewing companies – are the largest employers in the city of Fort Collins, but they stand alongside other options.

Large companies like Hewlett-Packard and Intel have all been a part of Fort Collins, provide incredible employment opportunities to the region, and remain one of the best places to jump-start your career.

Embracing Local Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Because there is such a vibrant nightlife, jobs in restaurants and other service positions are also prominent opportunities for students and others starting in the area.

They remain the backbone of the nightlife, making Fort Collins a great place to live.

Fort Collins is a city that takes precedence and pride in their small business and entrepreneurs, and it is a beautiful place to come if you are interested in starting something of your own; contact same-day movers to begin the process of developing your own company!

Craft Beer is a Big Deal in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the fourth largest craft brewer in the USA community, which has only continued to grow.

Odell Brewing Company and Belgium Brewing are some of the larger companies in the area, but new breweries and micro-breweries are constantly popping up throughout Fort Collins.

It has become a staple within the community and something the city is widely known for!

public school interior
The Powder school district offers quality education for kids and teens

Poudre School District Never Disappoints

It doesn’t take much research to reveal the excellent schools available for all grade levels in Fort Collins, including higher education.

With an A rating and amongst the top 20 in CO, the Poudre School District in Fort Collins strives to improve, as education is one of the central points of focus for Fort Collins schools and families.

Moving to Fort Collins secures your children and those that you love the most a say in their learning environment, differentiation within the classroom, and the ability to learn without boundaries!

Colorado State University

Colorado State University is often what people think of first when Fort Collins is mentioned.

It is rated as one of the best universities in CO as it provides over 70 major options and hundreds of minors and concentrations to students.

Many students in the Centennial State aspire their entire lives to gain admission to a place like CSU Fort Collins, and they are looking for cheap movers to get there as quickly as possible!

There is Always Something to Do

No one wants to live in a place with nothing going on, and if you are considering Fort Collins – you will be in the exact opposite environment because there is almost always something to do!

From the yearly Lagoon summer concert series and Bohemian Nights to a visit at Jessup Farm Barrel House or training for the Equinox Half Marathons and Horsetooth Half Marathon around the Horsetooth Reservoir – there is always something new to discover in this wonderful place.

This is one of the many reasons people are flocking out to Fort Collins!

Take an Adventure with Live Music and Endless Outdoor Activities

You can catch a concert at the Aggie Theatre on a Friday night and spend the next day in silence at Boyd Lake State Park or Poudre Canyon, outside of the city – which still offers live music and an all-natural amphitheater located within the canyon.

You will never get bored living in Fort Collins, with indoor and outdoor living options to bring your life up a notch!

Visiting the Fort Collins Museum

Take your kids out for a day at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery to experience the wonders of art, science, and culture, or venture out to the Fort Collins Art Museum to see an exhibit you have been wondering about.

You don’t need to enlist long-distance movers to experience the excitement of something new living in Fort Collins, as there are always new experiences to embrace, different people to meet, and an entire community just waiting for you to arrive!

moving from denver co
Wherever you may be relocating to from Denver CO, DTC Movers have you covered!

Considering a Permanent Residence Outside of Denver?

While it is not always easy to leave a place that you are comfortable in, sometimes change should be embraced – allowing yourself and your entire house to embrace something new.

Denver is a lovely city, but so many neighboring town options present endless opportunities and possibilities you otherwise wouldn’t have access to if you didn’t take a chance on Fort Collins or Boulder, CO.

Boulder and Fort Collins are Two of the Best Cities in Colorado

The debate between Boulder and Fort Collins has long been a debacle for potential college students in CO for decades, but it has recently become a question for renters and homeowners in the state as well.

While the decision is ultimately up to you, both cities offer fine opportunities, although one may cater more to your needs and liking than the other.

If you are considering either place for your upcoming relocation project, securing a legitimate moving and storage company is the first step!

Contact a Moving Company the Local’s Love

DTC Movers is a family-owned company that locals throughout the Mile High rely on for all of their local, long-distance, and even cross-country moving, packing, and storage needs.

Our moving experts offer a free moving quote on all relocation projects.

We prioritize creating a healthy, stress-free moving environment for clients heading to Boulder, Fort Collins, or otherwise!

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